Monday, October 8, 2007

Playing Tourist

Fall has finally made an appearance here in Midcoast Maine...

There's a quilt at the shop that's called "Finally Fall," and I know that "finally" feeling. The last few days have been hotter than I ever could have imagined possible for Maine in October, but today, it's raw and chilly outside and you actually merit that cup of tea (or cocoa or coffee or cider) in your hands as beverage-slash-handwarmer.

But, during this hot, hot weather, I had some great adventures. My "glamorous friend" Kalinah was visiting me from Boston and we ran around doing "Maine Tourist-y" things. We went out on the Schooner Olad in Camden (Hi to Captain Erin!!!). My Mom and Grandmother and I have been sailing out on this particular Schooner at least once a year for the last five years and the Captain always remembers us. I was anxious to see if he'd remember me "out of context," that is to say, there with someone other than my Mom and Grandmother, but he totally did and we had such a good time. If you're ever in the Midcoast area with friends a ride on the Schooner Olad is a must-do. Sure, there a bigger boats that sale out of Camden Harbor, but the Olad is hands-down the best (And believe me, I know of which I speak). What makes it so great? They have cushioned, open-air,
cockpit seating that is totally conducive to hanging out and being mellow and schmoozing with fellow passengers, and Captain Erin is the best. He has the best stories. Some of them I've heard before but I love them all the same. Sometimes he just talks about life and it has nothing to do with sailing or wildlife or the harbor, but it's always fun to hear him tell stories, no matter what the subject. He's just a cool guy. AND they take a picture of your group and give you a complimentary copy. Plus I just like sailing. I like when the boat gets really tipped to one side and you're convinced it's gonna tip over and then you tack and come about to the other side and you're convinced it's going to tip over the other side. But, then you get used to it and it's just fun. Those boats can't go fast enough for me. I guess I'm just a speed demon crazy gal trapped in the body of a quilter.

Kalinah and I also poked around Pemaquid point. This was a repeat "Tourist-y Thing" from her last visit to Maine, but this time we did a photo shoot for her clothing line on the rocks. I took the pictures, then she would run behind one of the big boulders and change her outfit and we'd do it all over again. We also got to go INSIDE the lighthouse, which, as a local, I have NEVER done before, and the view from up there is RAD. Very fun day. Oh, also, there were HUNDREDS of monarch butterflies whizzing around. Apparently, it's a good year for Monarchs,as evidenced in these photos. That, and all those fuzzy caterpillars that are SUPPOSED to be orange and black are JUST orange this year. What's up with that? If anyone knows the answer or has a theory, would you pretty please clue me in, because I'm convinced it can;t be good. My friend Rachel's Grandfather says it means it will be a snowy winter and it's going to snow ALL of November. One month after 90 degrees it's going to snow? I just can'tbuy it. But, hey... stranger things have happened and Nature is a crazy thang.

Last tourist-y thing we did: Eat lobsters (HUGE lobsters) straight off the boat from a local lobsterman friend of mine. "I know a guy..." I told Kalinah. It was great. We had a really good time. Now she's gone home to Boston and I'm settled back into my comfy little life.

The Red Sox swept their playoffs, so now they're on to the next round. My friend Shawn hopes they don't have to play the Yankees, he just wants them (the Yankees) out of the equation altogether, but I say, the playoffs wouldn't be the playoffs if we didn't have to step on the Yankees on the way to the top. Isn't that what we all secretly want? A little action? Drama? Entertainment? Heart-Pounding, bottom of the 9th, edge of your seat nail-biting baseball? Me, yes. But I'll settle for a win in any way, shape or form.

At any rate, I'll mozy...
Be back again soon with new stuff

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