Friday, April 4, 2014

What can you do with just one fat quarter of vinyl laminate? Tutorial roundup!!!

The Swag Bag
 If you are local to our shop then you know that every year, April means one thing:

The Shop Hop is a celebration of Spring and a chance for quilters to get out of the house and on the road, connecting with fellow hoppers and collecting swag along the way.

This year, Alewives is giving away a goodie bag containing a free fat quarter of vinyl laminate fabric to all Shop Hoppers.

Our customers LOVE vinyl laminate.

In addition to yardage we sell it in pre-cut fat quarters here at the shop, and I can always spot someone whose never sewn with vinyl laminate before when they hold up a vinyl laminate fat quarter and ask the inevitable question:

What can you do with one of these?

To which I always smile and respond:  

What CAN'T you do with one of these???

To make it easier on one and all (but mostly myself), I've rounded up some tutorials from across the web that need just one fat quarter of vinyl laminate (or in some cases, you'll need to add a bit of fabric from your stash) to complete.

 Proceed with caution: you are about to fall into a very deep rabbit hole full of inspiration and creativity!

*We've made this one a lot here at the shop, but you should note that Martha wants you to have a 29" length of oilcloth or vinyl laminate to make your lunch bag.  MOST of our vinyl fat quarters are cut from 54" wide fabric, so they measure 18" by 27."  For this project we just cut the fat quarter as long as we can, then follow Martha's instructions from there: no need to change anything else in the instructions except the length and your lunch bag will still work just fine!

Some helpful website with hints and tips for working with and sewing on vinyl laminate can be found here, here and here.

All of our vinyl laminates at the shop can be viewed on our website here.

I hope that's helpful to all those of you who are new to vinyl laminate...  it really is fun stuff.




Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Twinkle, twinkle...

We're kinda in love with this quilt... Night Sky by Jaybird Quilts.

More pictures to follow soon, but we need to bind this one and wrastle it outside so we can get a good photo of the whole thing (it's a queen size!).

Custom quilted by our own Tammy.

I love the ruler work she did on this one.

She knew there was no way (NO way) she was doing some ol' pantograph design on this looker.

We were so pleased when Julie (the creative mind behind Jaybird Quilts) mentioned us on her blog... what an honor!

(Makes us twinkle a little)



Monday, March 10, 2014

Bundle up!

What is it about a fat quarter bundle?

All luscious-looking and full of potential...

I just love 'em.

These are the latest fabrics from one of our favorite gals: Lotta Jansdotter.

The full-spectrum bundle is from the new collection called "Mormor," and the black and white collection is called "Sylvia."

What to do, what to do with such beautiful bundles?

Something tells me I will have NO trouble figuring something out.



Monday, February 24, 2014

I tried...

I really did try so hard to do the "low-volume" thing...

It's such a hot trend in the quilting world right now and every time I see a low-volume quilt on Pinterest I know I've just got to make one.

But my first attempt may have the dial cranked up just a click or two.

I wouldn't call this the lowest of low-volume fat quarter bundles, but it's what I was feeling the other day, and I do love how the fabrics work together.

I would do something simple and keep the blocks fairly small with this bundle: like a pinwheel block or even a half-square triangle, somewhere in the 3"-5" finished range.

And of course you know how I feel about a simple grid of patchwork squares.

Like a Chanel suit, it will never go out of style.

So, try as I might, this bundle is "low volume-ish," at best.

But I do love it so.



Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A snapshot of my knitting basket shows a sweater in progress for Bert (all our yarn is 40% off, by the way...)

A quick glimpse into my messy, messy bag will reveal bills, random pieces of fabric and a seed catalog... no money or anything fun like that.

A snapshot from our bedroom shows a tea towel Ollie put in my Christmas stocking that I promptly turned into a cover for a throw pillow (I am nothing if not an equal opportunity textile junkie).

In the sewing room, among other things are some miniature paper-pieced baskets (these are just 2" square) that I thoroughly intend to do something with one of these days...

And how could I not include a snapshot of this little guy who is oh-so close to walking and had the cutest little cowlick today?




Just in case you don't follow us on Facebook or receive our newsletter, we have a huge new clearance section on our website.  It's something I've been meaning to do for a long time and I think you're all gonna like it! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day!!!

Are you still reading my blog?

Oh, good.

We had a nice snow day here today.

Fish totes, quilts, new books, knitting, naps and snacks.

Hope you had a good day, too.



Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big sale starts Saturday!

Pam and I gave the classroom what I like to call an "extreme makeover" the other day in anticipation of our giant clearance sale that starts this Saturday.

We've schlepped a lot of fabrics, etc. downstairs to turn the classroom into a sale-room, and there's lots of great stuff down there at 40% off.

Sometimes I am a bit stubborn about fabric... meaning I love it, I have big plans for it, I can see the finished projects in my mind's eye, but the reality is, there's just not enough time in the day to pull the trigger on all the sewing projects I would like to execute and there's only so much room in our little shop and some things have been around a bit too long.

Therefore, 40% off.

Out with the old and in with the new (and there is so. much. new).

The sale starts this Saturday, January 18th (we're hosting an Open House that day, as well) and runs through Saturday, January 25th.

We don't do sales like this very often, so if you are local, or even local-ish, you should make the journey and score yourself a bargain.

I will be back again soon... we've got lots to talk about.