Tuesday, August 5, 2008

someone needs a shower...

Hello one and all,

Am writing to you after an absolutely cuh-razy weekend, in addition to which I feel like I am STILL recovering from the big, bad Quilt Show, but I PROMISE not to kehvetch (spelling???) about it any more.

This post has been MONTHS in the making: lots of planning and secrets and creative hiding and a cast of thousands (okay, a cast of tens) So, without further delay, I am free to present to you the fabulous tale of...

A few months ago, Meredith Fossett, who is the president of our local Clamshell Quilters Quilt Guild (and coincidentally one of the most fabulous people I know) comes to me with the idea to make the soon-to-be-married Betsy Jewell and Andy Spekke a
wedding quilt. Not only that, but to present it to them at a surprise shower and give them gifts as well. I LOVED this idea. Nobody actually DOES stuff like that any more. And, Betsy and Andy are exactly the type of couple for whom it is a pleasure to do this kind of thing. They are both so nice and fun to be around and chill, you cannot help but love them (plus, I am forever in Betsy and Andy's debt as they are the ones who guided my boyfriend, Oliver, in my direction).

So, Meredith and I decide on some fabrics for the quilt and one by one, the Clamshell Quilters and my Alewives Girls ALL came in and made a square for Betsy and Andy. The squares got sewn together by the wonderful Ruth Vietze and quilted by our very own Maia Hart and voila: instant quilt. Except it was more like instant quilt in two months. There were even so many extra squares that we made matching pillows and throw pillows and pillowcases for Andy and Betsy.

In the meantime, it was my job to liaison between Andy and Meredith. Andy was in on it from the beginning. He was on a need to know basis about the shower but knew nothing of the quilt and other fabulousness coming his way. It was his job to get Betsy to Meredith's house this past Sunday at 2 o'clock for the shower. This was somewhat easy-ish, because Meredith also happens to be the notary who will be doing the actual marriage ceremony. It was perfect for her to arrange a little pre-wedding get together to go over the vows, etc.

But, of course, when Betsy and Andy got to Meredith's house they did nothing of the sort. We all hid on the deck and got to jump out and yell "Surprise!!!" ( I love the photo with Andy's "the jig is up" face) and, as Andy says, there are very few true surprises in life. He's right. When you get to pull a fast one on somebody (especially for a good reason) it feels sooo good.

The couple were immediately whisked into the living room, where their quilt was waiting on a quilt stand, surrounded by pillows and gifts. Meredith read a poem that she wrote herself (this was the point where everybody started crying...) and then, after the quilt had been oohed and aahed over and the whole story had been told, we got to EAT and that was very fun. I'm telling you, these little ladies know how to rock and roll with the baked goods and finger foods. That and talk about the most spicy things imaginable. I thought my friends and I were bad, but the Clamshell ladies make "Sex and the City" look tame. Seriously.

Anyways, Betsy opened the gifts and Andy TOTALLY schmoozed with the Clamshell ladies and then we talked the afternoon away on Meredith's beautiful deck overlooking the Damariscotta River. Of particular cooperation was the weather: a day that started out positively black with rain and thunderstorms had become golden, sunshine-y and warm by 2:30. Those of you who live in the mid-coast area, you KNOW of which I speak.

Months and Months of work and it all actually went off without a hitch. Very much worth it.

Andy and Betsy's wedding will be in Kennebunkport on the 14th. Oliver and I will be there, so don't look for me at the shop on the 15th until much later on in the day, as I will be recovering from what is sure to be a great shindig.

Congratulations, Betsy and Andy...

You are very much loved and have the quilt to prove it!



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