Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kaffe Fassett BOTM

Hello hello,

BOTM stands for Block Of The Month, by the way...

We have truly lost our marbles because we are going to tackle the "Post Card" quilt from Kaffe Fassett's book Quilt Road. But seriously, folks, I think this quilt is an excellent candidate for a BOTM project. It's big, it's intricate and most's gorgeous. And it uses Kaffe fabrics. Sounds right up our alley, n'est-ce pas?

We will be making the Postcard Quilt "Round Robin" style. That means we will start with the center medallion design of the quilt and then each month add a border all the way around until one year later... voila!!! Le quilt c'est fini!!! And even though this may not be the easiest Quilt that we have ever tackled I do think that breaking it down into small increments is the key to it's successful completion. Again, this is where the BOTM format comes in handy.

How can YOU get in on this BOTM action??? Easy!!! There are three different ways to participate in the Postcard Quilt:

1) You can take The Postcard Quilt BOTM as a class, which means you will come into the shop every second Saturday of the month to pick up your fabric kit and complete your borders in a classroom setting. You'll get lots of extra help and tricks and tidbits of information. You'll also get to see the same people once a month for an entire year, which perhaps would scare the heck out of some people, but we think it's kind of neat.

2) You can participate in the BOTM by picking up your fabrics on the second Saturday of every month here at the store and then complete at home, at your leisure, or...

3) You can participate via mail-order! No matter where you live you can get some Kaffe Fassett goodness once a month in your mailbox. No decisions to make, no fabrics to shop for... it all comes to you. That's a first for us and a great opportunity for those of you who are "from away" to get your Alewives fix.

Hmmm... what else should I be telling you? You can choose between 2 colorways: either choose Hot Reds or Cool Blues (or both!). Hot Reds will be those very "Kaffe-y" reds and pinks and magentas, while Cool Blues will be periwinkles, turquoises and lilacs. I'm psyched to be choosing the fabrics for this project and luckily we have an amazing source of Kaffe fabrics at the store to draw from.

Everyone will need the book Quilt Road, which is of course available at the store, and you will need to hook us up with some information (Credit Card number, e-mail address, phone number, color choice, etc.) but other than that you can sit back and piece, piece piece to your hearts content. This won't be the easiest thing you've ever done but I know it won't be the hardest, either. I equate this project to reading a really good book: you don't read it to be finished quickly, you read it to be somewhere in the middle. In other words, this project is all about the process. It's about enjoying the piecing and always having something to fall back on. Hopefully, one year from now I will be sitting pretty, with my own completed quilt top and pictures of lots more that I can post right here.

If you have any questions at all then feel free to e-mail me at the store or even to call us (we love the phone calls!) The BOTM action starts Saturday, November 8th.

Hope to hear from you soon and check out the new fall classes and workshops listed on our website's class page.

Talk to you soon!



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