Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sample Sale!!!

Hello everyone!

Question for you: what are you doing this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Answer: You should be going to our very first ever Sample Sale!

My business associate (Mom) and I have spent the last few days tagging up many, many, many finished quilts, bags, aprons, garments and more so that they can find a good home with someone.

Possibly with you!

Wedding season is upon us: what young couple wouldn't want a gorgeous handmade quilt or some other lovely thing?

Perhaps you would like to get a jump on your Christmas shopping?

Maybe you are in the market for that certain something you just won't find at the mall?

Whatever gets you there, we would love to see you!

Best of all, the Sample Sale means we will have more room and more funds for more fabric!

(So, you see, it is a very worthy cause).

The Sample Sale starts Thursday and lasts through Sunday during our regular business hours.

Why don't you come on down and see what you find?




mel said...

Oh I so wish I were within driving (or heck, even traveling) distance!! I would LOVE to hit the sample sale. Maybe if this is a hit you could eventually work up to having online sample sales for us out of staters???

mel said...

Gah! Just realized that O+S will be at your shop in late summer!! OMG, so sad and jealous I'm not closer.