Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Nani Iro brushed cottons in the shop!


Oh so in love with these three new Nani Iro brushed cotton fabrics that came in.

If you are a Nani Iro fan you will totally die for these.

They are even prettier in person and soft as a cloud.

Brushed cotton and flannel are, if I am not mistaken, the exact same thing, but I think "brushed cotton" probably sounds a bit more high-falutin'.

(Does anyone out there know if there is a difference? I've always heard that you make flannel by "brushing" the fibers in the cotton.)

I wish I had bought more yardage of these three fabrics.

These would be perfect for a cozy and heart-breakingly lovely simple quilt or even a super luxe nightgown, but it's officially wintertime in Maine and I would love to make myself a Tova top from one of them.

I would be so warm and comfy and fashionable.

I even have the pattern and everything... hmmm...

I don't think these brushed cottons will be around for very long, so if you like them it would be a good idea to pounce.

Nani Iro's have a habit of disappearing quickly and then not coming back in stock again for a loooong time.

The Brigadoon of fabrics.



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