Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A stitch in color

I was so jazzed for these new fabrics by Malka Dubrawsky to arrive and now they are here in all their glory...

And I bought extra yardage of this cheater print, because I predict it is gonna be a hot commodity...

A Stitch in Color is also available as jelly rolls, layer cakes or fat quarter bundles.

Our order of charm packs are held up at the factory and that makes me sad :-(

But I do love that Moda is not afraid to try new things and are printing collections like this one.

They did a great job bringing the hand-dyed look to a commercially printed fabric.

Thank you Moda. Thank you, Malka!




In unrelated news, Ollie and I bought a new mattress today. Our old mattress was literally older than I am and I'm 32. It was time.


Jacqueline said...

Beautiful! What to do, what to do?!?!?

FYI- I would love to see more Turning Twenty fat quarter kits! I love your fabric creativity, not so much for the Turning Twenty pattern, but to use for my own projects. I don't have a great fabric store close by.

Susanne said...

isn't it funny how a mattress can be life changing....we got a new one after 20+ years...heavenly! I get it and love that you included the news!