Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Beekeeper's Turning Twenty Bundle

We've got a giveaway coming up on Soulemama this weekend, and I pulled together this bundle of fat quarters, inspired by Amanda Soule herself, which will be sent to one lucky reader.

It was a no-brainer.

I had to name this collection "The Beekeeper's Turning Twenty."

When we had our visit with Amanda a couple of weeks ago, her outfit got my gears turning.

Her clothes consisted of mostly dark colors with many layers and textures, and the whole ensemble was topped off by a lovely silver bee necklace that was given to her by her husband as a nod to her new found love for beekeeping.

It immediately reminded me of a great bee print that we had at the shop, and I started to pull together fabrics based on that one print.

Before you knew it: voila! Beekeeper's bundle.

Fun stuff, I tell you.

The bundle is made up of 20 different fat quarters, each in a quilting weight cotton.

There are a couple of great "bee" prints, some ticking stripes, a couple of toiles, small scale geometrics and some botanical prints as well.

The colors are mostly dark: dark grey, taupe, navy, black and some bright white, cream and just a smattering of amber honey color.

Try your chances at the giveaway on Amanda's blog this weekend, or if you don't want to chance it you can purchase your very own "Beekeeper's Turning Twenty" bundle right here.

They'd be great for making quilts, bags, or any patchwork projects.

Of course it would be a great Turning Twenty quilt, but I am aching to use these prints in smaller pieces, like maybe a Yellow Brick Road or just simple 4.5" squares.

Good luck with the giveaway this weekend and I'll see you again soon!




Fedulab said...

great collection ;)

Anonymous said...

What's happened to this one? I went away for a week or so, planning to purchase when I got back, and I can't find it again :-(

Rhea Butler said...

It sold out! But I have a hot tip for you: if you call or e-mail the shop, we have a bundle of 20 fat quarters that is ALARMINGLY similar, with just a couple of substitutions!