Friday, March 16, 2012

Extreme Makeover!

If you've been to our website lately you may have noticed there are some ch-ch-changes around the neighborhood!

We've gotten a new background.

We loved our old magenta background, but it's tricky to put swatches of fabrics against a magenta background and not have your eyes play tricks on you.

We needed something a bit more neutral, so we went with our favorite, most beloved linen, but we kept some "touches" of the old colors here and there!

And we now have our long-arm quilting service available online (I'll give this the full-blown blog-post it deserves in the next few days).

These are just the first few days of the new website and we ares still tweaking things: if you see anything "untowards," please do let me know!

Otherwise, we are working on uploading thread colors and quilting designs for those of you who'd like to send us your quilt tops to be quilted on our long-arm machine.

Exciting things are happening here: hope you like the changes, too!



1 comment:

Shannon McDonough said...

Hi Rhea,

I love the new look. Really well done! The one suggestion I might offer is while the magenta type works really well for the headings/nav, it may make it easier to read to use a different color for the body type, one that offers a bit more contrast against the textured background. Happy holiday weekend.