Monday, February 24, 2014

I tried...

I really did try so hard to do the "low-volume" thing...

It's such a hot trend in the quilting world right now and every time I see a low-volume quilt on Pinterest I know I've just got to make one.

But my first attempt may have the dial cranked up just a click or two.

I wouldn't call this the lowest of low-volume fat quarter bundles, but it's what I was feeling the other day, and I do love how the fabrics work together.

I would do something simple and keep the blocks fairly small with this bundle: like a pinwheel block or even a half-square triangle, somewhere in the 3"-5" finished range.

And of course you know how I feel about a simple grid of patchwork squares.

Like a Chanel suit, it will never go out of style.

So, try as I might, this bundle is "low volume-ish," at best.

But I do love it so.




Schwarzen Family Missions/To Sow a Seed said...

You were made to live out loud! Embrace it!

katie jean said...

I love it - quiet with color :)

Kitty Wilkin said...

I'm really into low volume now, too. I think my favorite low volume bundle is the Super Awesome Low Volume - Blogger Bundle by Brenda from Just A Bit Frayed, found at Pink Castle Fabrics. :) I would love to find a fabric line that has mostly white/light grey with just a tiny bit of one bright color (ie, white, light grey with just a hint of bright blue; white, light grey with just a hint of yellow... magenta... turquoise... green... etc). I have a gradient project in mind, and those dream fabrics would be perfect :) haha I might just have to start designing fabric!