Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer People, Summer Not...

I have been having THE best time at the shop lately. Everyone who has come in has had a smile on their face and been very complimentary of the shop and our fabrics and our projects and it's so nice to hear. Thanks so much to ALL of you who make this job so darn FUN.

And, I had a lovely time in Massachusetts. My floorcloth class was full of the same brand of people and they all made gorgeous floorcloths and were very fun to teach. I was talking with Rina about teaching the other day and we both agreed that so much of teaching is not about "teaching" but about "translating." So, I have pictures of the gals from Massachusetts with their projects: First there's Marlene, then there's Shauna and her mother Sallie, then MaryBeth and Marguerite, and finally Arlene and Linda. Thanks, ladies for being such a fun, sweet group and for putting up with my hoarse voice!!! Your floorcloths look Fabu!!!

And speaking of wonderful people, we have this new friend at the shop named Elizabeth and she takes our fabrics and does the neatest things with them. I cajoled her into letting me take a picture of her latest project, which are these throw pillows you see. Aren't they the coolest, most fun and funky things ever??? I'm in love with them, and inspired to make my own throw pillows to go with my decor when I move into the house.

Oh, and speaking of the house!!!... It's coming along great!!! In a few days, I will actually be moving in. That's not to say that the house is completely done and finished and ready, because it's not, but the bedroom and living room are done. My HUGE closet is done and the bathroom will very soon be done so when the bathroom is ready I'm moving in for good. In the meantime I'm moving bits and pieces of my stuff and preparing to take George up on his offer to build me all kinds of shelves and things in my closet.

In other news at the store, we're having a great time in Michaela's Machine Quilting Class. I earned the title of "Speedy Gonzales" when I actually completed my baby flannels quilt last night. It's sooo soft. And I've finished a couple of Turning Twenties that are going to be kits as soon as some fabric comes in that I need. I've started a new batik quilt that is going to be so pretty I think I shall cry. I'm keeping the machine quilters in business, I tell ya. Of course, we have the batik sale coming up. You DO know about the batik sale don't you??? June 30 through July 7 all batiks are buy 3 yards get 1 yard free. So, if you've been jonesin' for some batiks now is a great time to stock up. We've got an incredible selection. WAY too many to put on the web. And all kinds of 108" batik quilt backs and rayon batiks that are great for garments.

Fabric, in general, not just batiks have been pouring into the shop lately. It's like Christmas for us and we don't know what to make something out of next. Happy, happy days.

So, until next time I guess that's all I've got!!!

See you soon!

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Unknown said...

Hi Rhea,

I am one of those summer people of whom you speak! Just wanted to drop a line to say hi and how much I enjoyed visiting Alewives last week. I actually came back again after the first visit when I met you and bought even more fabric. And I blogged about it. I am working on 2 baby dresses with fabric from your shop that I will be finishing today or tomorrow. Keep checking back to see them.

- Cybele