Monday, August 20, 2007

Return of the prodigal blogger

I know, I know, I know....

Am worst blogger ever. Two months is a long time with no posts. Sorry if you missed me, but I think you will have a little pity on me when I tell you that the little toggle on my digital camera (which switches the darn thing between "taking picture mode" and "viewing picture mode") is BROKEN. So, in other words, I can TAKE pictures... I just can't download them onto my computer. And I'm an all or nothing kind of gal, so if I couldn't post with pictures, I was going to wait until I could really do it right. BUT... it's gonna be a little bit before I get my camera back in working order (Very involved, long drawn out process with the mucky-mucks at Canon)so in the meantime I decdided that a blog with no pictures was better than no blog at all.

In the meantime, my friends are all either pregnant or getting married, which is great but keeps us all busy. And the classes!!! We'e been going crazy with the classes at the shop. Not to mention the regular dailies of running a fabric store and oh, yeah, there's the whole "making quilts" thing. There was the quilt show in July where we debuted our Floorcloth patterns and kits (Debuted and SOLD OUT OF by Saturday at noontime, thank you very much). We've even started wholesale-ing the instruction booklets so look for little Alewives Fabrics satellites all over the place.

It was my friend Kat's birthday so we all went out to eat at the Great Impasta in Brunswick the other night. We were celebrating her birthday...and her birthday was back in June, so you see, the blog isn't the only thing that's been neglected. I do believe I'm settling into the easy organization that is fall. Even though I'm out of school (yippee!!!) you kind of can't help but re-organize this time of year. But anyways, back to Kat's bday... we went to see "Stardust" at the movies, and we all LOVED it. If you are at all a fan of "The Princess Bride" then you should most definitely go and see this movie. It was a great night and we laughed and ate and had good movie, so what's not to like.

I know what's not to like... Eric Gagne of the Red Sox. I'm not too happy with him at the moment, but it's okay, Eric: I know you've got it there in you somewhere. Anytime you feel like turning up the juice, you go for it. In the meantime... I'm waiting.. not too patiently, but I'm waiting. There are worse places to be than 4 games in front of the Yankees.

Alright, I've got to go and hit the pavement downtown to rally support for the Clamshell Quilt Show in October and the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. We're collaborating and putting breast cancer quilts in the windows downtown: the merchants just don't know it yet;) So wish me luck!!! I need it!!

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