Friday, August 24, 2007

Michaela's getting married in the morning...

...Or, more accurately, at 4:45 pm in the afternoon, but who's counting? I'm sooo happy for my Chaela, who found a truly great guy and deserves one, because she's a very nice person, too. And I can't wait for tonight's rehearsal dinner and the big shindig tomorrow.

I've been working on a dress for the wedding... kind of a kimono style number... but I've had SOOOO much trouble with the neck. I'm pretty sure I cut the neck and the neck bands out of two different sizes, so after many sessions with monsieur le seam-ripper (OR "Jack the Ripper," as my friend Liz calls him) I have decided to start over and make the bodice section all over again. Nothing like the last minute, n'est-ce pas? I REALLY want to make this dress, though, and conquer the pattern so I can make lots and lots more and wear them through the fall with my boots and sweaters and things. But, enough of my wardrobe dreams...

I have friends here at the shop right now picking out pajama pants and message board fabric and her little boy is dressed like a ninja, hopping all over he place, and that TOTALLY merits my attention.

Wish me luck with the dress!!!


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Hilary said...

Hey! I was there too!!!

Actually, Rhea, I was on the blog to ask your recommendation for a sewing machine as mine is hampering my style! But then, the first thing I read is "Get yourself an old Kenmore!".

Any other brands you know and love for quilts and bags.... costumes and coats? I seem to gravitate toward sewing bulky stuff.
Hilary Petersen (and Scotty and Izzy too)