Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Look WHOT I did...

(That post title is an inside joke for all those of you who like SNL's imitation of Sean Connery on celebrity Jeopardy. For those of you who have NO CLUE what I'm talking about, just take it at face value and pay me no mind...)

So, I actually finished a project yesterday. Ta-Da! But seriously, the sewing: soooo much fun. At the store I'm always waiting on people and running errands and checking e-mails and all that jazz and sometimes it seems like years before I get to actually sit down and sew something. When I do get to sew, the reaction is always the same: "Hey, this is really FUN!!!"

To that end, yesterday I finished my very own Amy Butler "Anna Tunic." I made the mini-dress version as I am very fond of wearing dresses OVER my jeans. Big fan of that look. It's funky, feminine, practical AND comfortable. What more could you ask for in an outfit? So I was very excited to make up this pattern, especially when the new Amy Butler "Midwest Modern" fabrics came in.

Imagine my delight when the pattern turned out to be VERY EASY and fun. I already have plans in the works for making MORE "Anna Tunics" because I'm thinking I need one for every day of the week. Summer is oh,so upon us and I can't think of a better ensemble for a fabric-store kind of gal like me. I used the "Trailing Cherry" fabric with the "Happy Dots" for the lining (I'm a details, funky-lining kind of gal, too) and did I mention there are NO zippers or button holes to put in? Just some lovely loops and shank buttons- nice touch!

Here are some pics: It's very hard to take pictures of yourself and I'm waay too shy to enlist the help of somebody else (Tyra Banks I am not!) so these'll have to do.

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Victoria said...

Looks great! I have the pattern and want to make one soon too. I'm going to try and come this Wed. p.m., so maybe I'll bring it along. So cute!

Vicky from Topsham