Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oliver+S: Chapter 2

All done!

Actually, I was done late last week. Who woulda thunk that finding the time to blog about the Swingset Tunic and Skirt would take longer than actually making them in the first place!

Well, I am happy to report that this pattern is very fun to stitch together. I had a couple of head-scratching moments, but don't let that fool you into thinking the pattern was hard (It's definitely not). Just remember: a garment sewer, I am not. If I can make this pattern, ANYONE can.

In fact, this pattern took some of the mystery out of garment sewing for me and I learned a lot. The best part is that the finished outfit is soooo cute and professional looking. I love things that look home-made, but it is so nice when a garment (or bag, quilt, etc.) looks so "real" that somebody asks you where you bought it, and you can proudly proclaim that you made it yourself. But homemade things are always better: they last longer and you know that nobody in the world has an ensemble like that.

My favorite details on the Swingset Tunic are the pretty little gathers at the neckline, and of course the buttons at the back. I have no children of my own, but have 4 siblings who are atLEAST 15 years younger than I am, so it is safe to say that I have had a LOT of practice dressing little ones. Remembering my days of battling with buttons, I stitched a snap in place at the top of the Tunic Back and stitched the buttons in place just for decoration. That was the only modification I made to the pattern. Maybe I'm thinking ahead to the days when I DO have little bodkins of my own, but a "one handed in & out" sounded like a good idea to me. A "quick release," if you will.

The best thing about the skirt (besides how quickly it came together) is the elastic waist/drawstring waist combo. Practical AND stylish. What more could a gal want for? AND, as I was feeding elastic through the waistband, I had a moment of realization that I was probably learning how to smock at the same time. How about it Leisl? A smocked bodice in the next round of patterns? I think I'm ready.

The fabric for the Tunic is Fresh Squeeze by MODA and the fabric for the skirt is Dandelion Girl by MODA woven. Both very cute, classy, and easy to work with. I also reverse lined everything (The Tunic is lined in green and the skirt is lined in the little oranges) because -I've said it before and I'll say it again- I'm a details kind of gal.

Anyways, this has been a very good sewing experience for me. And, judging by the way the Oliver+S patterns have been flying out the door, it will be a good experience for other people, too.

Have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend and if you're in the area you should MOST DEFINITELY come to the Fish Ladder Restoration Festival here in the Mills this Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There's going to be ALL KINDS of food, face painting (by yours truly) a showing of the Alewives Documentary, an Art Sale, have your picture taken with the giant Osprey (Trust me, you WANT your picture taken with the giant Osprey), and all kinds of fun and games. AND, it's all for a good cause: to help the Alewives keep doing what they do and get up that river in style!

See you next week!




Liesl Gibson said...

Ok, Rhea, you must be a mind reader. Smocking in one form will be coming soon. But not in the traditional form--we're giving it our own spin, of course. Stay tuned, and thanks for the enthusiasm!

Tonya said...

Oh, I love it! I just made this pattern for my little girl, and chose orange as well : ) How cool to be able to work in a quilt shop, pure heaven to be around all of that lovely fabric!