Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The light, the light...

Hello one and all,

It was brought to my attention recently (and rightfully so) that I hadn't blogged as of late. You know who you are (Freixenet and S'mores by the fire... 'nuff said), if you are the one who brought this to my attention, this Post is for you, so you'll have something to read when you're fooling around at work and so desperate for entertainment that you read my blog.

I recently made curtains for my bedroom. This was a last minute job. I was at the shop with about a half an hour left on the clock when all of a sudden I decided that I absolutely COULD NOT live with the curtains that were in my room for a minute longer. So, I grabbed an April Cornell woven stripe from Moda (Not a new fabric, by any means, but one that I had been eye-ing for quite a while), and did some quick math in my head and some "Guesstimating" and hunkered down.

Fast forward to 30 minutes later: Voila! Instant set of three matching curtains that I couldn't love any more if I HAD planned the whole thing out. The best part is the afternoon light as it filters through these curtains. It is dee-vine. It makes the whole room golden-glowy. Over time I'm actually hoping that the curtains fade from the soft pink they are now to an ivory color. Either way works with my trusty LemonGrass Green from Benjamin Moore. This is the best color ever: it is green, but a warm, yellow-y green, so it actually works as a neutral. There is NO color out there that doesn't look great next to LemonGrass Green (Think about it, it's true!).

Anyways, this is NOT the golden late afternoon sunlight I spoke about earlier in these pictures: more like a grey, overcast, mid-morning light, but you still get the idea. If you look closely, you can even see my laundry in the "hula-girl" hamper!

It's been a successful mini-makeover, I'd say. Not bad for 30 minutes, eh?

See you again soon


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