Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving Top Ten Countdown...#2 A Floor Pillow

Alright ladies and gentlemen,

Np time for messin' around. The clock's ticking and those handmade gifts have got to be made. By hand. Not a lot of time left. What do you get for the person who has everything that is (relatively) inexpensive AND quick AND easy?

No problemo. A Floor Pillow. Great for kids, great for pets and great for anyone with even a smidgeon of style.

All you need is a 26" pillow form (we've got puh-lenty) and 2 yards of your favorite fabric.

Cut the fabrics into (2) 26.5" squares, sew with right sides together, leaving a hole for turning right sides out.

Clip your corners and turn, insert the pillow-form and slip-stitch the opening closed.

Voila! Nothing could be finer... ANNND when the pillow gets schmutz-y you toss the WHOLE shebang into the washing machine and let it tumble around and it comes out looking like a brand new pillow. Newly fluffed et al.

Guh-reat way to use your favorite fabrics.

Great present.

As we say around the shop: it's a NO-BRAINER!

See you again soon!



PS These are some Floor-Pillows that I found on Etsy because I am too lazy/busy to take pictures of some of my own Floor Pillows. Should you find yourself in a similar situation why not buy from one of the Etsy gals this year? Just type "Floor Pillows" into the search-engine and start perusing!


Liz said...

I certainly hope Reuben will be getting one of these for Christmas!!

Rhea Butler said...

Oh, he soooo got one of these!!!

I'll send you the photos.