Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving Top Ten Countdown...#4 Patchwork Stockings

Hello everyone,

Since the last time I posted there has been an Ice-Storm and now there is a Snow-Storm (trust me, the latter is MUCH more fun!). We lost power for about a half a day and the internet connection was out for several days, but I really cannot complain as some people STILL don't even have their power back on. I heard on the news this morning that there are about 2,000 people in Maine who are sans power right now and I don't know if you're aware of this but it gets VERY cold in Maine. In December. Not the time to be without power. So my thoughts are certainly with anyone out there who is going through this and God Bless those electricians who are out there working hard to get it back for you.

Moving right along, #4 on the Countdown are our very own Patchwork Stockings. These little cutie-pies were born from my desire for a new stocking. I happen to have the same stocking that I've used since I was born (and I love that stocking: My Aunt Patty knit it for me and as a recent knitting student I definitely appreciate all the effort that went into it), but said stocking is staying at my Mom's house (with all the other stockings our Aunt Patty knit for us), where it belongs. Oliver, Reuben and I are celebrating our very first Christmas together in the new house and since I happen to be handy with the needle and thread (and poor Messrs. Oliver and Reuben have no "Since-they-were-a-little-kid Stockings themselves) I thought I just might make some myself. And that's the story of the Patchwork Stockings, boys and girls!

The pattern and instructions are available FREE at the store and they are not the smallest, nor the least labor-intensive stockings that were ever made (I like the potential for getting all kinds of goodies, and having a bigg-ish stocking helps in these endeavors), but darned if they aren't the cutest things ever. I guess I shouldn't toot my own horn here, but toot toot! I can't help it!

Can you guess which one is mine and which one is Ollie's?

And because I know that there are Reuben fans out there, Reub's stocking is mostly red. I have to cover his ears or spell words out when I talk about his Christmas loot because I don't want to ruin the surprise. If you think I'm kidding you don't know me very well, because I am perfectly serious.

So, make someone you love (as long as they've been NICE this year!) a Patchwork Stocking. While you're at it you could fill it with fun sewing stuff (think flat-flower-head pins, pincushions, snip-snips, large spools of neutral thread, sewing patterns, bobbins, fat quarters, I could go on but I shan't) for that sewing-enthusiast on your list.

Men's Shopping Night is tonight! Good luck, ladies! I have my Mental Rolodex all lubed-up, and I am ready to let it rip when your man comes in tonight! You KNOW who you are!

Until next time,



PS By the by, the background fabric in the stocking photos is one of our new Marimekkos!

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