Monday, February 16, 2009

Something New

Anybody else feeling the Midwinter Blahs lately?

Am definitely a good candidate more Vitamin D...

or a vacation to some place hot and flip-floppy...

or some new clothes that are comfy and stylish...

or some new fabric, which I just happen to have.
The best days at the store are when new fabrics come in. It's like Christmas.

Usually we order designs months and months before the fabrics are even printed (somewhere off in "Fabric Fabric Land", I guess) and then when the fabrics actually do arrive at the store we have totally forgotten what they looked like and even if we do remember, they always look so much better in person.

So, imagine my delight when I received a box full of Anna Maria Horner's new line called "Good Folks." The colors are fabulous: just the antidote to the Midwinter Blahs.

And furthermore, one of the fabrics comes as a vinyl-coated. It's really nice, fluid, drapey vinyl, too. Kind of like the "rayon" of the vinyl coated fabric world. So, you can probably guess what I'm going to make out of that particular fabric. I'm also waiting for Liesl from Oliver+S to come out with a Rain Coat pattern, because this vinyl is so nice it would make a totally kick-butt rain coat. Or hat. Or similar.

A lot of new fabric has been arriving lately, and if I can't go on vacation to sunnier climes and I can't control the weather and I can't afford a fabulous ensemble, then I guess the new fabrics will have to do, and that ain't so shabby.

There are some other new additions to the shop as well (named Jessie and Jessica), but more on that topic later. Right now I've got to go make some stuff out of Good Folks!

See you soon!



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