Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Messin' Around


It's my day of and I am stuffy-uppy, toting a box of tissues around with me wherever I go (the really nice tissue, with the lotion in it) and cleaning my house, kicking up all kinds of dust (not helping the stuffy-uppy situation) and intermittently messing around with this gorgeous stack of fabrics that have been on my desk at my house for about a year.

Every time I see a nice orange/white/green (whether it be at Alewives or at another shop) I snag a yard or so. I think at first I thought I would make a Turning Twenty with them, but now they are telling me that they want to be a duvet cover. A big, chunky, piece-y duvet cover. Like, if Posh Spice's highlights wanted to be a duvet cover, they would be this one.

The whole collection started when our MODA rep gave me some leftover fabrics from a trade show. That doesn't seem fair, now, does it? I have a whole store of fabrics at my disposal and people still give me free fabrics. It's kinda like when designers give celebrities free clothes.

BUT, don't hate on me... did I mention that I'm stuffy-uppy? It's bad. I sound just like Kathleen Turner. I've been pounding SoBe's like they are going out of style (so, no change there from my regular routine) and sneezing all over things. I went shop-hopping all over the state with Jessica yesterday (more on that later) and I probably left a trail of sick people in my wake. If you saw me yesterday and you are sick today, you can blame Jessica... she drove me.

Anyways, that's all I got for now. What d'ya think? Duvet cover with a nice, super-poofy duvet inside? Stay tuned...



PS see how pretty the light is today?
And, no, none of these ramblings were Nyquil induced. This was all me.

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Iris E. said...

Love that duvet idea and great colors! Sorry for your cold...that is surely a bummer. Spring colds are always the worst because you feel like you have "made it out of the woods."

Hey! I called the store today and had the nice person on the phone hold your 3 last magnetic clasps because I have more Buttercup bags in me! I will be making another trip down and while there, hoping to pick up some more home dec quarters for the outers (I like the weight). This time I am trying an exterior that is fortified with some interfacing, but it's not as nice. It may not be til next week, but I will be there (maybe next Weds.) soon!

Wow. I inspired YOU. That's something! Feel better!