Monday, April 20, 2009

Two posts that are not posted here

Hi there,

Wanna read two new posts?

Here's one from Iris over at CraftingMamaLibrarian. There she goes, making us look good again. I was psyched to see her at the sale with her camera and was secretly hoping to see this post on her blog. Lo and behold, there it was.

The other is one of my posts about my exploits Shop-Hopping with Jessica. We went from Portland all the way up to Rockland, hitting seven different quilt shops along the way. I'm in charge of the Shop Hop blog, so I felt it was my duty to go out there and shop. You know, in the name of the blog and all.

Very fun.

See you again soon!



PS That's me wearing my Birthday hat that Ollie gave me. It was the very first present I got on my actual birthday and also the most favorite thing that I got and I have pretty much been wearing it steady ever since. It came from Chris and Bernie and I love it lots. Those are some flowers that Ollie gave me, too. He's how do you say... le keeper?

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