Thursday, September 30, 2010

I have a date!!!

Ollie's Bachelor Party is this weekend and he will be gone for two whole days.

Is it wrong that I am totally looking forward to some time alone?

I have BIG plans.



I have a date with a bottle of Prosecco, my sewing machine, a Philipa Gregory book and some Red Velvet cake.

Ahh, sounds like heaven.

Reuben is staying home to keep me company, which will be perfect.

Also, to the lady who came in the shop today and wanted an on-the-spot private lesson, I would like to say "I am sorry."

If I had a do-over I would give you the private lesson on the spot instead of telling you my time was already spoken for.

I felt really over-whelmed at the time and I panicked.

Upon further reflection and in all seriousness I probably should have dropped everything I was doing and acquiesced.

But it's much easier to say that now that all of my admin work is done and I am at home and all the customers are gone.

If you knocked on my door right now I would totally give you a private lesson.

Give me a mulligan?

(Just wanted to put that out there to the universe.)




Anonymous said...

I guess you don't always make people feel as welcomed in your shop as stated in your last post

Cindy said...

Your NBFP (new best friend psychologist) would say, "Nice work setting limits and taking care of yourself!"

Rhea Butler said...

I do my best and I gets what I gets!

francesca said...

What Phillipa Greggory book???? I'm jealous...

susan/sue said...

You can't please everyone all of the time! It's unreasonable for someone to expect you to drop everything to give them a private lesson. Your time is valuable too. I agree with the person who said it was good you set limits and took care of yourself. Boundaries are good! As women we think they are bad, we should always do what others want.......NOT!!!! Good for you!

Rhea Butler said...


I just finished reading "The White Queen." You can totally have it! Now I'ma start reading "The Red Queen," or "The Wise Woman" or I may hunker down and finish "The Virgin's Lover" which I don't really care for but am half way through so I may as well finish it up, right?

Who knows.