Monday, March 7, 2011

Tea with the Queen

We are forcing it to be spring around here.

Every year about this time I go "on strike," which means I start wearing my flip flops again in protest of winter and winter-y things in general.

This year, another side effect was an un-apologetically feminine, frilly and floral fat quarter set.

I am calling it "Tea with the Queen" and it will be up for giveaway on Soulemama this weekend.

You know what that means...

Not to toot my own horn, but... I *love*... sigh.

These have already been selling like crazy at the shop and I plan to keep it that way.

If you would like to have Tea with the Queen, you can find what you are looking for right here.

See you all again soon!




embracingitall said...

What cute fabric. Love it. Oh, look out, a Soulemama giveaway. They attract people in the 1000's. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Soulemama earlier this year (yes, tinny I know, as there was well over 1000 comments). I am yet to blog about it, as I want to have the lovely giveaway installed before I post a comment. It just wasn't done justice trying to photograph it in the box it arrived in. Jacinta

Andrea said...

So pretty...I love those chintzware teapot/teacups, too!!!

alex said...


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Unknown said...

I love this. I do this too! I broke out my flip-flops yesterday and we are having a snow storm today! Great minds! ;-)

Bonnie said...

Okay, what beginner bag do you recommend. I am not a beginner, beginner, but it has been a while.

Flip flops are a cool idea, I give up winter coats the first week of March. Just sweaters, and windbreakers if necessary. Love your blog.
Oh yes, and I would love to have tea with the queen.

Colette said...

What a lovely springy fabric bundle!