Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Little Things to Sew" and "Modern Workshop" pre-cuts have arrived!

I tried my best to be patient for this book to arrive, but it was sooo, sooo very hard.

Little Things to Sew, the first book by Oliver+S creator Liesl Gibson finally arrived and has been the subject of much cooing here at the shop.

We were lucky enough to have Liesl come and visit us here at Alewives this past November, and she brought with her some of the samples from the book, so I have had an up-close and personal look at these projects and I am so pleased to say that the gorgeous photography in the book does do them justice. It's not often that you can say that. The book's photography was done by Laurie Frankel and let me tell you, she can come and photograph for me any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

My favorite project from Little Things to Sew is without a doubt the cozy winter hood: those little ears kill me! I am dying to make one of these for my little friend Olive, maybe with a matching set of mittens.

Little Things to Sew is a real bargain: especially when you consider that you are getting 20 full-sized patterns (no photo-copying for you!) and the book is hard-cover, absolutely gorgeous (have I mentioned the photography?) and includes 2 paper dolls in the back of the book for your children to play with. Or for you to play with... If you feel so inclined... *cough, cough*

Changing subjects and, as if on cue, we received our shipment of "Modern Workshop" pre-cuts today.

"Modern Workshop" is Liesl's newest line of fabrics for Moda, and although right now we only have pre-cut charm squares and jelly rolls available, the yardage from this collection should be arriving in April.

The charm squares especially seem to go fast, so if you would like a pack or two it may be advisable to pounce.

Wouldn't you love to make something from Liesl's new book? Or her new fabric? Or both?

Yes, please! I know I would! Can I go home and play now?




Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Me, me! I want to make that really cute penguin backpack. Although it makes me sad that my baby is now 6.5yo and these little kid projects are starting to become uninteresting to him. Sigh.

angie said...

oh that book looks delightful. I'll have to come check it out. I've been enjoying Sewing Clothes Kids Love. It's not often that there are cool fun clothes for my slighter older (9 and 10)little ones.