Friday, April 1, 2011

Wild and woolly for the first day of the Shop Hop

5 to 10 inches of snow are forecast for today, which is not the most conducive weather to traveling across the state for the 8th Annual Maine Quilt Shop Hop...

We have already lost power several times today but I have been puttering around here having a grand 'ol time.

(Updated to add that after an outage that lasted a couple of hours, the power seems to be on now, for good! If you are out there reading this and wondering if we are open, we are open! And Sewing Lounge is on for tonight as well!)

Luckily hoppers have the entire month of April to get their passports stamped, collect their free goodies, enter all those door-prize drawings and maybe even squeeze in some shopping!

We've got new kits at the shop and new fabrics, plus we have goody bags to hand out with some fun surprises inside... one of which I will post about next week.

And for each and every shop hopper that comes through our door we have one of these as well:

So hope for better weather the rest of the month (let's get the snow out of the way now, shall we?).

Hop 'til you drop!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhea,
I was up on Tuesday and got some great stuff. Sorry I missed you, but Rena(?) was super nice. I'll definitely be up again for the shop hop after I've sewn through some of what I bought and have saved up some more spending money. Gotta love this snow, huh?