Friday, July 15, 2011

Echo by Lotta Jansdotter

I knew I had a serious textile addiction when a few years ago, despite having an entire fabric store at my disposal, I broke down after a whole five minutes of inner turmoil and bought a bag of scraps from Lotta's studio, and when they arrived proceeded to clutch them to my chest like Gollum hoarding the one ring to rule them all...

The good news is that Lotta Jansdotter has teamed up with Windham Fabrics to make her amazing designs accessible to the masses in the form of 20 delicious quilting weight cottons.

Alewives Fabrics will, of course, be carrying the entire collection.

The bad news is the release date is not until November 1st.

So sorry, my little chick peas, but good things come to those who wait (or so they tell me...).




Jaime said...

Rhea!!! That is such exciting news! Love, LOVE lotta's designs and can't wait to see her fabrics...are they going to be pricey?

Rhea Butler said...

Hey Hey Jaime!

I'm excited that you're excited: we can be excited together!

They're not going to be the cheapest fabrics ever, but they're by no means the most expensive fabrics we've ever carried, either. These ones will be $10.95/yard as far as I can tell!


jlaugelli said...

that is not too bad! can't wait to see the collection.

Moi said...


mrs.burkette said...
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