Friday, July 8, 2011

Quite the coup...

So, I am exhausted on this Friday afternoon, but very pleased with all the new things that have been arriving at the shop lately.

First of all, I am in love with the new hand-screened fabrics from Umbrella Prints (my friends Amy and Carly in Australia design and print these fabrics all on their own). I showed you their quilting weight prints in my last post, but since then the hand-screens have arrived.

My heart will always belong to hand-screened prints. In another life I did a brief stint as a graphic designer, and these days most designing is all computer, computer, computer, but a couple of years in a row I hand-screened my own Christmas cards and I loved every minute of it.

There is something deeply, deeply personal about hand-screening and I think that shows in these fabrics of Amy and Carly's. They are really something special and I am so proud to be carrying them.

And the second squeal-inducing goodie to arrive at the shop this week came in just this afternoon in a benign enough looking box that I neglected to open for a few hours.

When I finally did open up the box I was (pleasantly) shocked to see our order of Anna Maria Horner Needleworks pearl cottons and embroidery floss had arrived.

Apparently, there was a bit of a flub-dub at Westminster because I had been told we wouldn't get these in until September, but, hey, I ain't complainin'!

And so they are out in the shop and up on the site and for sale, my friends, but I bet they will sell out very, very, quickly.

Enjoy all these new goodies and please do take a moment to check out everything in the new fabrics section, because a LOT of stuff has been arriving lately.

(Keeps us on our toes...)

In other news, I am excited for tomorrow night: I have a date with my sister to make our projects for the Craft Swap coming up on Friday night!

I hope you have a great weekend, too!



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angie said...

Oh I love love love the top fabric...I just might need some of that!