Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gray things on a gray day

This is what it looks like outside our back window here at the shop today:

It's the kind of day that doesn't exactly motivate, but makes you a bit sleepy.

A good day to share some knitting I recently finished (as in, last night by the fire).

It's the "Full of Fluff" baby shell and you can find a link and some more info about the pattern here.

I love the neckline.

When it comes to knitting I am still very much a beginner, but I do love knitting an awful lot.

I made lots of mistakes with this sweater, but I had a great time making it and can't wait to make another (this time in a larger size and decreasing the sleeves every OTHER row instead of every row... details, details!).

I used this yarn.

I am a bit heartbroken on this gray day because I found out the Amy Butler Belle organic yarn has been discontinued by Rowan and we can't get anymore.

If you like this yarn (like I do), then you'll want to stock up while it's still available... some colors are sold out but we still have quite a few to choose from.

We'll get something else from the Rowan line equally as fabulous but I can't pretend to not be disappointed: I loved how this yarn knit up and loved the colors and loved that it was organic.

The cotton/wool blend was the best of both worlds: super soft and easy to knit with, with a fabulous memory and weight... especially for babies.

Ah well.

Last but not least I noticed Pam is almost done with her Penguin Family she has been stitching up, which will be a sample for here at the shop.

I thought they matched so nicely with the sweater they were the perfect "gray" indulgence on a gray day like today, so I snuck them in the photo, too.

The Penguin family is even a pattern by "BasicGrey", a team who design scrapbooking papers and also fabrics for Moda, so how do you like that?

I think they're awfully cute, even if the baby penguin doesn't have his eyes open yet.

Babies come into the world with their eyes closed, you know!

Enjoy this gray, gray, day...

See you again soon!



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Anonymous said...

First: I cannot believe you are anything like a "beginner" at knitting - that sweater is gorgeous!
And second: I need to make those penguins for my boy for Christmas. He loves penguins. And I was just trying to think of something special to make for him. I'm so glad you shared that here. xo