Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feather Bed Quilt Class this Weekend

I am furiously typing away while Bert snoozes in his little swing.

Seems he will only sleep if someone is holding him, which is fine by me, but makes it very difficult to get anything done in those moments when he is asleep.

But, however hard it might be to tear myself away, the fact is I am coming back to work at the shop again starting this Thursday... sniff, sniff.

I'm happy to be coming back but of course a bit sad to not be spending all day every day with Bert.
But, one of the things I am most excited to come back to work for is teaching! 
I'm teaching a class this Saturday on Anna Maria Horner's Feather Bed Quilt and there is still time to sign up.

If you are local and want to take advantage of the fact that there is NOT a major snowstorm scheduled for this weekend I would love to have you join me.

Over the course of my maternity leave I did begin making my own version of the Feather Bed Quilt for the shop and I can tell you this quilt is MUCH, MUCH easier than it looks... that Anna Maria Horner know a thing or two, let me tell ya!

It's quite fun to work on and goes together fairly quickly.

I'd say a "confident" beginner (someone who knows how to use their sewing machine and has made a project or two before) could take this quilt on with amazing results.

If you'd like to join me we would love to have you in the class: there's a bit more info on our classes page.

Call the shop at 563 5002 to sign up and I will see you all back at the shop this Thursday morning!



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