Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Handmades: Blue Bert Baby

Of course, being that Bert is a baby boy (and he is such a boy, let me assure you), of course he got lots of cute blue things....

So I thought an "all blue" post was in order.

 We received a sweet, sweet, sweater from Cindy (Miss Fussy Cutter herself) knit from Rowan Denim yarn in one of my favorite stitches.

I can already picture him wearing this sweater on a cool spring night: it suits his personality perfectly.


This is technically a gift for me, I suppose, but Bert has benefited from it at many a midnight feeding.

Of course, every breastfeeding mother knows a "boppy" pillow when she sees one: this one is from the Lotta Jansdotter book Simple Sewing for Baby and my friend Susanne made it for me.

I love the neutral palette with just a touch of baby blue, and this boppy is a bit smaller than a traditional boppy which suits me perfectly.

And, it must be noted, the crocheted blanket in the background of both these last two photos was made for Bert by my Godmother, Millie, whom I have always called "God Millie" ever since I was a little baby myself.  

It is the softest, sweetest, palest baby blue you ever saw and I just love it.

Here is Bert snuggled up in his blanket from God Millie, with an owl softie my business associate (Mom) made for him from a re-purposed cable knit sweater.

Last but not least is this gorgeous blue patchwork quilt from our good friend Ginnie.

This little quilt is so timeless I just had to use it as the background in my "month by month" photos of Bert... see the "1 month" on his little tee shirt?

This is part of a set of onesies I bought on Etsy from Culpeper General, each with a month silk-screened onto the front so you can make a collage of your child's first year.

Even though these onesies came in a "Blue for Boy" set, I opted for the "Modern Neutral" colorway.

I think Ginnie's quilt makes the perfect backdrop... what do you think?

Bert's personality is emerging every day.  

He really is a "boy" and he really is a "Bert" if that makes any sense.
If he could talk, he would want me to thank Cindy, Susanne, God Millie, Grandma Ba Ba and Ginnie for their wonderful handmade gifts.
But since he can't quite talk yet, I will say it for him...
Thank You, ladies!!!




BK said...

Crazy cute post, Rhea-rers! I can't wait to see him in person to catch some of his boy-personality. Such a cutie. You and Ollie are doing parenthood proud. He looks happy and healthy and cute as a button! BK

susanne said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I highly recommend Lotta's book!

stuffed animals said...

haha,How old is he .he is so cute.Dress up to he ,Let Bert's personality is emerging every day.