Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wedding Pictures

I have been meaning to post some photos from the wedding for a long, long while now and finally have gotten around to doing so now that the Holidays are over.

Here are the photos... thanks for peeking!

Many, many thanks to my good friend Erin over at Freya photography and/or Bluebirdbaby (take your pick). You got some great shots, Erin, I can't thank you enough.

Thank you Jill (Lil' Jibby), for making my hair look so pretty.

Thank you Pam, for making our gorgeous (and delicious!) carrot cake.

A multitude of thanks to everyone at the Jordan Pond House, especially Gabrielle, for hosting our wedding and reception.

Thanks to Kristine for being the most amazing and classy and thoughtful M-O-H ever.

And finally, thanks to all of YOU for your support and well-wishes... how lucky am I to have you in my life?




Unknown said...

awesome photos, r.!! i'm so happy for you :D looks like it was a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

You look smashing! And very hip!

phamilton_gordon said...

i am so glad you finally posted some!!


Jenny said...

thanks for sharing your day with us! your dress is fabulous! love the setting! congratualtions again

Pamela said...

so so so lovely!what a beautiful setting and everything was just beautiful!
thank you for posting these; i needed a bit of brightness & joy after this weekend...

Michele said...

What a beautiful wedding! Lovely pictures!

Lexi said...

You look super beautiful - love the boots!!

Susan Barr said...

Thank you so much for sharing! It all looks so beautiful, the setting, the bride... everything. :)