Thursday, April 29, 2010

I can go!!!

I am nothing if not a champion whiner...

I can go to the NEMQG meeting this Saturday!

Thanks for all your positive energy: it worked!

And, I know Mom would want me to tell you all that it was never actually a question of her not "letting me" go: she wanted me to go and knew I deserved to go, whether it is considered "time off" or not, all along.

Rather, I had to convince her to work in the shop.


On a Saturday.


Thanks, Mom!

Mother's Day is right around the corner and your stock is up!



PS... I can't wait to get to know everyone at the meeting!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prayers appreciated...

Let me bring you up to speed...

There is a meeting for the New England Modern Quilt Guild this coming Saturday, May 1st in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Portsmouth is 2 hours away and the meeting is at 3 in the afternoon and I reeeaaalllyyy want to go.

I need to get my business associate (Mom) to give me the afternoon off.

If you see her, will you put in a good word for me?

Here, I will give you some phrases for ammunition:

"Rhea never takes the day off..."

"Rhea works so hard..."

"Rhea just worked a half day on her last day off, so you could call it evens..."

"Pleeeaaassse, Moooommmm... I promise I'll never ask for anything ever again...."

(Probably that one'll only work if you are me)

Anyways, keep your fingers crossed that it all works out.

I will let you know what my business associate decides...



Monday, April 26, 2010

Beyond the Sea

Happy Monday, everyone!

Got some new (and new to us) fabric from Gina and Michelle at Cloud Nine Fabrics today...

These are all 100% GOTS certified organic quilting weight cottons...

They are all $16.95 a yard...

And they are all online in the shop...

We had a lot of people waiting for these lovelies, so thanks Gina and Michelle: you've made a lot of people happy.

(Remind me to tell you my "funny phone call from Gina" story sometime... I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I told you!)

Have a great start to your week!



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Sewing and squeezes for Olive

Look who showed up at the shop today sporting a new dress...

...Of course handmade by her Mama, Francesca, who followed the pattern for the smocked sundress in the Weekend Sewing book by Heather Ross.

I saw Heather Ross on Martha Stewart last summer and she demo'd how to make the dress.

Even though it was my day off and I have no babies of my own (despite my father's desperate and constant pleas for a grandchild), I ran over to the shop and grabbed some fabric and whipped one up.

It is very easy to make: all you need is some fabric and some elastic thread and the book, or you can find the directions for free here.

But while free directions are all well and good, I must tell you that I love, love, love the Weekend Sewing book.

I never tire of it... and now the book is Francesca approved as well.

(They should have called it nap-time sewing!)

And speaking of things I never tire of, I am always so happy to see cute little girls in handmade outfits come through the door (especially this one).

Hopefully Olive never gets tired of the squeezes.

Great job (again) Francesca!



Friday, April 23, 2010

Point 2 Point Scavenger Hunt

Last week, Ellen from Purl Diva and I posted teasers on our blogs about a fun fiber-filled adventure that we are planning for you. We think we have kept you in suspense long enough, so without further delay....we are pleased to announce the "Point 2 Point" Scavenger Hunt!

Ellen and I thought about our favorite places to shop and eat in Damariscotta, Wiscasset, and Brunswick, asked the owners of these local businesses to join us in this event, and they agreed!

Here's how the scavenger hunt will work:

Participating businesses will be listed on the scavenger hunt map (to be provided at your first stop on the hunt). The businesses will each have a clue at their respective locations. You will need to figure out the clue for each location, collect "proof" of each answered clue, and drop off your results at the final location. Each participant will earn a raffle ticket for each correct "proof".

We've also included some local landmarks to mix things up a bit. We'll give you information on their general vicinity, but you'll have to figure out exactly where they are.

Oh, and the businesses on the list are offering discounts and/or raffle prizes!

So clear your schedule for May 22nd and/or 23rd, and carefully review the following guidelines for the scavenger hunt:

1) You will need to bring the following items on your hunt: digital camera, pen.

2) You must begin and end the scavenger hunt at Purl Diva and Alewives Fabrics, in whichever order you choose. (That is, if you begin at Alewives, Purl Diva must be your last stop. If you begin at Purl Diva, Alewives must be your last stop.)

3) Pick up your scavenger hunt packet at your first stop. Your scavenger hunt packet will include the following items: a map, a list of the participants and their business hours, these guidelines, and your first clue.

4) Drop off your scavenger hunt packet, with proof of clues answered, at the last stop. Some clues will require photos. You will need to show us your digital pictures at the last stop.

5) Please be patient when you are at the various businesses on this list. Non-scavenger hunt participants will have first priority for these businesses.

6) Feel free to ask passers-by to help you answer the landmark clues.

7) It is not necessary to go to every stop on the list. HOWEVER, it will be more fun and you will receive an extra raffle ticket if you do make it to all the stops.

8) You have all weekend to do the scavenger hunt (but you could definitely finish the hunt in one day).

9) Please note the business hours of the participants on the list and coordinate your hunt accordingly.

10) You may do the scavenger hunt in groups, but each person must provide proof of answered clues. However, group photos at specified landmarks are OK.

We'll be posting more info about the hunt, so be sure to check back here to make sure you don't miss anything!


Rhea and Ellen

Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming soon to an Alewives Fabrics near you

Check this off the list...

We have just ordered "Soul Blossoms" by Amy Butler and "Far Far Away 2" by Heather Ross.

We are going to be carrying the entire line for each new collection.

Here are some images from Amy's new collection, and you can see the entire line here (I will warn you that for some reason when I click on the link the images don't show up in Firefox, but if you are having trouble viewing the images, try using Safari or some other web-browser):

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sari border in this print:

Sadly, these won't be available until September (boo hoo).

And unfortunately I am not allowed to show you the images from Far Far Away 2, but there are some little snippets of the designs on Heather's Blog here, and fabrics from that collection will be arriving within the next couple of months.

I was anticipating a big show-down with my business associate (also known as Mom) in regards to ordering the whole collection.

We almost never order an entire collection, but instead pick and choose our favorites.

But, when push came to shove, we both loved the two collections so much that we adopted a "no fabric left behind" policy and they're all coming to live with us.

Maybe they'll come to live with you, too!

In the meantime, enjoy the images and have happy fabric dreams tonight.



Friday, April 16, 2010

"Olive"and S

No Liesl, that's not a typo...

I really do mean "Olive" and S.

I have had the good fortune this past year to have the most fabulous neighbors move into the house across the street from the shop, and since I live next door to the shop, they are my neighbors as well!

My neighbors are very young and very hip and very fun to spy on: they are always getting new rugs delivered or playing on the front lawn or walking their dogs.

They have a cutie patootie little baby girl named Olive, and Olive's very hip, very crafty mama (also known as my neighbor Francesca) has cottoned to the Tea Party Dress pattern by Oliver+S.

Here's a photo of Olive:

(See what I mean with the cutie patootie?)

Francesca came into the shop one day to buy the Tea Party Sundress pattern, then walked across the street to put Olive down for a nap and came back a couple of hours later with this finished dress made from fabric in her stash:

Didn't she do a GREAT job?

(It should be mentioned that Francesca is very new to sewing: her success with this pattern is such a testament to the great directions in the Oliver+S patterns!)

And then, just before Easter, Francesca cranked out another dress for Olive, made from this fabric:

Francesca kept it simple: just one fabric, no piping, and some cute little buttons.

She said the buttonholes were really not hard at all: you just need to make a couple "practice buttonholes" before you do the real thing.

I love how the striped fabric in this dress goes horizontally in the bodice and vertically in the skirt, showing off the design to its best advantage.

And I believe she only needed a yard of fabric, which would make this dress under $10.

Olive is almost 18 months old, but Francesca made a size 3T, I believe...

(Correct me if I am wrong, Francesca: it is 8 o'clock on a Friday night and the Sewing Lounge gals have made me Miami Vice drinks for my birthday so it is entirely possible that I may be remembering wrong!)

Great job, Francesca: not only are you an excellent neighbor, but you make cute clothes AND cute babies!!!



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Riddle me this...

What fun, exciting event has brought together Alewives Fabrics and the fabulous Purl Diva for the weekend of May 22nd-23rd???

What do they have planned for their loyal customers???

Here's a hint:

It will involve food, various fibers (yarn, fabric, and paper), gift items, other local businesses, special landmarks and discounts!

Are you intrigued?

We hope so!

Stay tuned for more details... but in the meantime, save one or both days of that weekend and all will be revealed!

(Mwa ha ha ha...)


Rhea (and Ellen)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Note to self

If you ever want to get ANYTHING done, absolutely, under no circumstances, positively do not start your own business as all time flies right out the window.

When you're busy, you're busy, and that's ideal, but when you're not busy, you're still busy with all the things you couldn't get done before, because you were too busy.

I will be back in this space real soon, I promise.

In the meantime, Wednesday is my birthday so I will be waiting in line at the DMV with a good book trying to get my license renewed and the fact that I am LOOKING FORWARD to sitting in line at the DMV just about says it all.

Happy couple of days to you!



Saturday, April 3, 2010


THE hot bag at Alewives right now is the Sweet Harmony Tote Bag by Amy Butler.

Dawn made one for the last Craft Swap and as much as I would like to think that my fabrics were the most coveted item at the Swap, they in fact were not: Dawn's Sweet Harmony Tote Bag was the most coveted item by far.

She even made a coordinating purse, all in this fabric by Amy Butler, but I believe the purse was of her own design... (she's crafty like that!)

Remind me to thank her for making one and bringing it to the Craft Swap with her, because directly after the Craft Swap a flurry of Sweet Harmony fury ensued...

First Nadine made one using this fabric...

(Nadine has very kindly lent this one to us and it is currently on display at the shop!)

Then Anne made one...

(In my favorite Nani Iro fabric, no less!)

And then Meredith, Julie and Janine each had to have one, too...

(Coordinating, but of course! Sadly, these fabrics are no longer available. So you know who to blame.)

If all this Sweet Harmony Tote Bag lusciousness has YOU drooling for your own version, you are in luck!

Nadine will be teaching a class on making the Sweet Harmony Tote Bag in May.

If you live far away and cannot attend the class, the general consensus about the Sweet-Harmony-Tote-Bag-making process is that there is a LOT of prep work for this bag: kind of like baking a souffle, perhaps.

There's a lot of cutting, too: interior fabrics, exterior fabrics, pockets and pocket linings, interfacings and the like... but once you get to the sewing part it is not hard at all and looks like a million bucks.

I just believe you should know what you are getting yourself into.

A hard bag to make?


A boat load of prep work?


If you want to take the Sweet Harmony Tote Bag class with the MASTER, then give us a call or an e-mail, or better yet, visit us in person, and we will set you up with your materials list and a pattern.

Let's keep the Midcoast in Sweet Harmony together!



Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shop Hop starts today

Happy April!

The Shop Hop starts today: come in and see me for your passport and get going!