Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Sew" much to share!

What happened to August (I feel like I say that every year... suspect this is never going to get better...)?

We had a fabulous weekend with Denyse Schmidt here at the shop.  Hard to believe a week has already gone by since Denyse's visit.  But you know what they say: time flies when you are having fun, and that has certainly been true lately!

Wanna see some photos of the weekend?  I have them posted onto our facebook page here.

Kyra also did an amazing write up about her experience in the Pure Improvisational workshop on Sunday... you can find that right here.  She also did a sweet post about my house... that girl makes me look good, I tell you! Thanks, Kyra!

And in the meantime, all kinds of fabric arrived...

I don't believe I mentioned that "Field Study," the newest collection by the lovely and talented Anna Maria Horner, had made its way to the shop, but it is steadily making its way back out again: some of the prints are already sold out!

And we received some lovely bolts from the "Ladies Stitching Club" collection by Liesl Gibson.  I do believe that this is my favorite collection from Liesl yet!  Love the colors in this one.

 Last but not least, we received our shipment of "Bella" by Lotta Jansdotter in the shop yesterday and I was able to post them online this morning.  This is one of the most anticipated collections ever.  I was a huge fan of Lotta's first collection, "Echo", and I am so thrilled to see "Bella" on our shelves.  I like these prints just as much, if not more.  

There are some other goodies on our new fabrics page: Cherry Christmas pre-cuts from Moda and some amazing new feather prints from Japanese company Kona Bay.  

All good stuff.

How's your summer winding down?  Are you feeling a bit wiped out, too?

I'll be ready for sweater weather and soup and knitting and pie-baking any day now, but it's still so hot here in Maine it feels as though all those days are still a long ways off.

In the meantime, I have a growing belly that reminds me time is marching on.  Remember when I told you a couple weeks ago that I didn't really think I was showing yet?  Yeah... that, um, is no longer the case.



PS  I have a bureau "re-do" for the nursery that I am dying to share with you.  Ollie and I are just waiting on the new drawer knobs and then I'll do a proper post about the ONE thing we have bought brand new for the baby!  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Chicopee" fabic launch party with Denyse Schmidt!

You're invited to a fabric launch party this Saturday night, August 18th, from 5 to 7pm at the shop, where we'll celebrate the arrival of the "Chicopee" collection with none other than the mother of modern quilting: Denyse Schmidt herself!

Denyse will be signing books and meeting with her fans.  We've got plenty of copies of both Denyse Schmidt Quilts and Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration on hand for purchase, but of course you can bring copies from home as well.  Free Spirit Fabrics is generously supplying us with some goodies for door prizes (no purchase necessary)... and everyone who attends this once in a lifetime event is sure to have an amazing time. 

The star of the show, besides Denyse herself, will be her latest fabric collection, called "Chicopee."  Here are some words about "Chicopee" from Denyse's website:

Vibrant hues and patterns evocative of 1970’s Americana are the hallmarks of Denyse Schmidt’s newest collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics. Chicopee is inspired by Denyse’s school years in central Massachusetts and prodigious amounts of television. Favorite shows – which influenced her formative fashion sense – include The Brady Bunch, Mary Tyler Moore, The Partridge Family, and re-runs of The Monkees. Chicopee will have you longing for back-to-school sewing, Levi’s cords, Earth shoes and that cute senior in his paisley shirt. 


We've got loads of yardage, fat quarters and bundles on hand, and we've got an entire section of the shop dedicated to Denyse's older collections as well, from the wildly popular "Flea Market Fancy," to "Hope Valley" and "Greenfield Hill."   I guess you could say we love Denyse, and our customers do, too!

We'll be serving light refreshments and celebrating Denyse, her fabric, books, patterns and enjoying each others company on a lovely summer evening.  

If you would like to attend here's what you need to know:  the meeting is free and you don't need to sign up ahead of time or RSVP.  Just come as you are and enjoy Denyse and your fellow sewing enthusiasts!  The fabric launch party will also serve as our August SEAM meeting.  

You're invited to this fun and fabulous event: we would love to see you there!



Monday, August 13, 2012

The top ten things that have surprised me the most about being pregnant

Here are some things I was NOT expecting while I was expecting...

10. Losing weight: At one point, I had lost 15 pounds, and I still weigh about 5 pounds less now than when I had first become pregnant!  Morning sickness is most definitely not a glamorous way to lose weight and not something I was expecting! (I've checked in several times with my midwife about the weight loss: she says it is perfectly fine and normal and nothing to worry about... happens to lots of expectant mothers who suffer from nausea and change their diets for the better).

9. (Along those lines...) Not really showing yet: I suppose it depends on what I wear, but at 23 weeks now, a lot of people don't even notice I am pregnant (again, the baby is growing along just fine, things are just "rearranging" in the general tummy area in an unexpected way).

8. Water: the horrible things plain ol' water does to me!  Heartburn being the most evil.  Did anyone else have this issue?

7.  The things I CAN do: Ollie and I went kayaking the other afternoon.  I thought I would just try it and see how the paddling motion agreed with my stomach muscles, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was perfectly easy and normal: just like it's always been!

6.  The things I CAN'T do: bending over (to pick up and put away bolts of fabric, for example... something I do quite often, as you can imagine) is not my favorite thing.  I find myself leaning and wiggling sideways, or avoiding the situation altogether, rather than bending at the waist like I used to.

5.  The things I CAN eat: this baby likes spicy food... lately it's been salsa.  Mucho salsa.

4.  The things I CAN'T eat: I haven't had a potato in MONTHS!!!  I can't imagine I will ever like potatoes again, but maybe I will someday...

3.  Being so tired all the time: I guess this one shouldn't have surprised me ;-)

2.  Crazy dreams: Dreams that the baby was a sheep (a very cute brown sheep!), dreams that the baby was born perfectly grown, but in miniature like Tom Thumb, dreams that people find out I am secretly a horrible mother and decide to take the baby away from me (that was a rough night...).

1.  Being treated like a queen: obviously, I love this part of being pregnant.  It could be friends who wouldn't dream of letting you do the dishes, or a husband who carries in all the groceries, or favorite customers who stop by with baby presents (I love presents!), all these things are definitely what you'd call "perks."   

Pregnancy sure is a wild ride, and there's probably nothing out there that could possible prepare you for it.  I'm just thankful for the wild ride every day and trying to roll with the punches and looking forward to meeting this little person and beginning a whole different type of wild ride all over again!



Friday, August 10, 2012

Midsummer's Clearance Sale for ONLINE customers begins today

Online customers: it's your turn to have a clearance sale!

We are *almost* fully recovered from the in-store clearance sale last weekend, and now we're ready for our beloved online customers to have their weekend of steals and deals.

How will the online clearance sale work?

Nothing could be more simple!  Just place an order in our web store any time between Midnight EST Friday, August 10th through 11:59pm Sunday, August 12th and your order will automatically be discounted by 20%.
You don't need a coupon or a code: just good timing!

Can I purchase any fabrics on your website at 20% off?

Yes!  Be sure to check out our "new fabrics" section... there is some awesome stuff in there (hint, hint... wink, wink... nudge, nudge... say no more...).  Books, patterns, notions, battings and more are all on sale, too!

Will I see the discount reflected in my final receipt?

The 20% discount won't show up in your final sales receipt or in your order confirmation e-mail, but we will be working hard on our end the manually change the price of your order here at the shop.  If you have any questions, you can ALWAYS call us at the shop (207 563 5002) or feel free to e-mail us (  We will get back to you right away and answer any questions you may have!

Can I use the discount retroactively on an order I've already placed?

Unfortunately, we can't refund orders that have already been placed: sorry!

Any other fine print?

Yes!  The discount does not apply to shipping, or long-arm quilting services.  You may purchase a gift certificate during the sale at 20% off, but you may not redeem a gift certificate during the sale.  Other than that, please enjoy the 20% discount!

I'm local: can I use the discount online but pick up my fabrics in person?

Absolutely!  Just leave us a note in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form letting us know when you will be in to pick up your fabric and we will set it aside for you and of course, you won't be charged for shipping!

When will I receive my fabrics?

We will be working very hard on our end to keep up with internet orders, but our shipping during this busy sale weekend may not be as speedy as it normally is.  We'll fill everyone's orders as they were placed and we will get to your order as soon as we possibly can! 

It's not every day that we hold a 20% off sale, and we've never held a 20% off sale for 3 days in a row before... thanks for a great season and for helping us make room for all the fabulous fall collections that are arriving soon!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Carroll Sewell Waltz

They don't make guys like my grandfather anymore.

 After so many years it's hard to believe he is gone but I am happy he is in a better place.
I will miss him every day and treasure my memories of Grampa Waltz...
And if we are very lucky, our baby boy will have a little bit of his Great Grandfather in him.



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nursery Versery!!!

We have just received the latest fabric collection from Heather Ross in the shop: it's called Nursery Versery, printed on a delicious linen/cotton blend.

As always, you just fall in love with Heather's whimsical little characters.  They have so much personality!  

My favorite?  The little piggy who went to market (wearing her cat's eye reading glasses and stylish kerchief, of course!).

Obviously, these would be great in a nursery but the prints are perfect for any project that needs a touch of whimsy.

Heather Ross prints don't stick around for long: get them while you still can!