Thursday, May 3, 2007

Here I am!!!

I know, I know,...
It's been a long time since I posted (well, a week anyways) but I've been a very busy girl, trying to get all of my ducks in a row (and some other people's ducks in a row, too). I've promised myself that before I start anything new, I need to finish all of my old projects. Hopefully this will go a lot quicker now that I'm not dividing my time between 2 places. And, who knows, maybe I'll break my own rule andjust finish two or three of my old projects and THEN start something new. As Oscar Wilde said " I can resist everything, except temptation." I think that sums it up nicely.

In other news, Mom and I went to see "Miss Potter" last night. I highly, highly, HIGHLY reccommend this movie. It's just a sweet, nice, little movie about romance and art and the English countryside, so what's not to like?

And the sox have been doing well. Papelbon blew his first save of the season (which was bound to hapen sooner or later... I mean, the guy's not a robot, for crying out loud). He was visibly upset which is quite unattractive but I'm sure he'll get his MoJo back soon. Meanwhile, the Sox are in first place and the Yankees are waaay back there in last place and all is right with the world (sorry, Yanks fans...nah, not really!!!)

So, the store, the store... so much is going on there I don't even know where to begin. We had a great class this weekend with the 8-12 year olds. It was a small class for a change, which is kind of nice sometimes, and we all made notebook covers. I tuly have the sweetest, smartest, most wonderful kids in my classes. And they're little hams, too. You don't have to ask them twice to do a photo shoot. They could give Tyra a run for her money with all the posing they do. The kids in the photo are, left to right, Django Pignatello, Isabelle Jackson, Isabella Pignatello and Johanna Neeson (except in the last two photos, where Isabella and Johanna are flip-flopped). Are they not the cutest things ever? And very good little quilters, too. Django's the only boy, so I told him he's gotta "Represent," and he does! You should see the shop when there's a kid's class going on... all kinds of energy, all kinds of machine gun-like rapid sewing, and all kinds of jokes from the customers about the "sweat-shop" we're running. Very funny. And very fun for me.

We have some new quilts hanging up, some new kits, a "wall of classes" with all of the demo-quilts for upcoming classes, and there are new fabrics coming in and new projects being started every day. The house next door is really starting to come along (Update: I have succesfully picked out a color for my bedroom... drumroll please... LEMONGRASS! A lovely, warm, yellow-y green) and tonight, if you are out and about, feel free to stop by and see for yourself, as my friends and I will be out on the balcony, having pizza at 6:30-ish.

So,... until next time!!!



Erin said...

That rocks that there was a boy in the class! Awesome! I'm digging that paisley print on one of the notebook covers.

So did you buy your own house? I'm confused :) We are redecorating and painting here too. So many colors to choose from!

I wish I could come to that open sew time. Do people bring their own machines and everything? Having a 7 month old really ties me down! But I've got to get out and socialize with people or else I will go crazy...

Mayne 1713 said...


Call the folks on the eastern end of Old Counyt Road when you get a chance??


Rhea Butler said...

Hey miss erin,

I have no kids, but between four younger brothers and one younger (MUCH) younger sister, I know what you mean about getting out and about. You can bring your own machine or use one of ours... it's up to you. And as far as the house, my parents bought the house next door to the shop with the intention of using it as a "Quilter's Retreat," where people come and stay and sew, and yours truly will be the "Den Mother" with the added benefit of getting to live in said house. Cool, n'est-ce pas? And speaking of cool, I LOVE that I have boys in my sewing classes. It speaks very well of the future generation!!!

Erin said...

Wow! That's awesome about the house. It's the black and white antique cape, right? Or am I thinking of another one?

I LOVE antique houses. We just moved from a 200 year old home to where we live now. We miss the feel of an older home, but certainly not the drafts! :) Have fun with the decorating!

I'm anxiously awaiting my fabric. Any ideas of when it will be in? It seems like it's been forever!