Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hole in the wall gang...


did you ever see such a hole in a wall? My stepdad, JD, decided that the upstairs bathroom in the "Alewives House" needed to be bigger and he wanted NO DOUBT as to which wall needed to come down in order to make that happen. So... the hole. I think he's just a little boy at heart and likes wrecking things and I must admit, there's a certain appeal to taking all your aggressions out on a wall and leaving a nice, satisfying hole in your wake.

In other news, I am all graduated. Last week was gorgeous, gorgeous weather in Massachusetts and I had a lovely late night stroll through the park with my girlfriends after the ceremony. It's a great memory that I'll always have. The next day we went to the Science museum and saw all kinds of great stuff, including a film about the Louisiana Bayou at the Omni Theater and a visit with the butterflies in the butterfly garden. Then we went on the Duck tours so I've had my dreams of being a pseudo-tourist fulfilled. And now that school is really and truly over I am diving in to projects of my own and projects at the shop. There is a great workshop this Sunday that is being taught by my friend Debby. She's teaching us how to put a lining in those cute little mini-totes that you get from Reny's (they look like L.L. Bean totes) so they are personalized to your liking and have little slots for pencils and checkbooks and the like. Very excited about that one. So, there will be more very soon, I Promise!!!

Coming next: Pictures of the Alewives as they do their Alewife-y thing!!!

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