Friday, May 25, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

It's gonna be a scorcher!!! 90 degrees today they tell me. Very excited about this... I'll be sick of it soon enough, to be sure, but in the meantime I love the first few TRULY hot days of summer and I bake all the coldness right out of me. And yesterday, the Alewives performed a little fish-y miracle and made an 11th hour appearance. I went for a walk around the Mills and was poking around the tippy top of the fish ladder and saw one little lonely Alewife make it up to the top. I was kind of depressed as I kept walking around the circle because I was thinking "Geez, I guess that was all for this year," and as I came around the bottom of the fish ladder I saw Frankie's car so I thought I'd stop and say Hello. Frankie, for those of you who don't know, is the Alewife King/Guru. he's kind of a local celebrity because every year he takes care of the fish ladder and he knows all there is to know about the Alewives. He's also my Grandfather's brother, which I guess would make him my uncle. Anyways, I don't see Frankie anywhere so I figure I'll just keep on-a-walkin' and just as I'm about to join the road again, who should pop out from in between two houses, but (you guessed it!!!) Frankie. He took me behind the houses and showed me a view of the fish ladder that I had NEVER seen before (about 3/4 of the way up) and showed me that there were thousands of fish that had just come in that morning. It was the huge rush of fish he had been waiting for and we were both so happy to see these fish it was ridiculous. He said the hot water made their eggs swell and that made their bodies bigger and THAT makes it easier for them to get up the fish ladder: it takes them two hours (as opposed to two days), so how do ya like them apples?

In other news, the summer people are REALLY starting to come back. We got back my good friend Donna on Monday and then yesterday my friends Jeff and Liz (The coolest "Quilting Couple" you will ever meet) came back. They got a tour of the house next door to see how the progress is coming along. I've gotten REALLY good at giving tours of that place. I think I missed my calling as real estate agent/museum tour guide.

Anyways, afterwards I sat out on my deck and let the Apple Blossoms fall on me as I read my Better Homes and Gardens and dreamed and schemed about re-decorating. It was the most relaxi-cab moment of the week.

Later on I went to see the third "Pirates of the Carribbean" movie in Boothbay with my friends Erin, Shawn(Y) and Dwayne. For the record, it was a GREAT movie. I was leary, because I loved the first one but the second one, not so much... so I was totally jazzed that the latest one was funny, romantic, action-packed and Keith Richards as Johnny Depp's father was priceless!!! Very good movie... I give it four bobbins!!!

And so.... I guess that's all until next time. Get out there and enjoy that weather!!!

xoxo Rhea
PS Happy 80th Birthday to my Grampa!!!
PPS Happy Anniversary to my Grandparents!!!
PPPS Happy Memorial Day!!!

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