Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comedy of Errors

Good Morning,

If you are looking for pictures of the Oliver+S Trunk Show I'm so sorry to announce that you're going to have to wait a little bit longer.

Want to hear the story behind the story? (It has a Happy Ending, by the way...)

This is why I think Alewives (or maybe just my life in general) would be great fodder for a Reality Show, so here goes:

Yesterday I arrive at the store bright and early to intercept the UPS guy whom I had assumed would be delivering the Oliver+S Trunk Show. Well, we all know what happens when you assume something, right? (If you don't know, I'll tell you when you're older...)

ANYhow, the UPS guy? Never came. Consequently the Oliver+S Trunk Show never came.

BUT... the story doesn't end there.

I put in a call to the Oliver+S Studios and a little while later I get a call from Miss Liesl Gibson herself (who, for the record, is SUPER nice and a pleasure to get a phone call from... even about a missing Trunk Show). She apologizes all over the place and tells me that after some investigating on her part, she has found out that the Trunk Show hasn't yet been sent from it's previous location at The Bobbin's Nest Studio. With the craziness of the Holidays the shipping of the Trunk Show was completely forgotten.

Now, THAT I can understand . I'm just climbing out from under the Holiday/Inventory/Rearranging craziness myself (and frankly, I was thrilled that the Trunk Show wasn't in " shipping purgatory" somewhere...).

The story still doesn't end there...

Miss Erin, the owner of the Bobbin's Nest Studio gives me a call and apologizes for not having sent the Trunk Show and tells me that she is overnight-ing the Trunk Show to me. Then we end up talking about the craziness of the Holidays and that leads to talking about the craziness of owning a shop in general. Well, long story short, I do believe that Miss Erin is a kindred spirit and she has made a friend for life and it sounds like we have VERY similar shops. She even keeps a Shop Blog (just like someone else I know!)

Which leads me to ask the obvious question:

Erin, where IS your shop, anyhow?

And Miss Erin tells me that the Bobbin's Nest Studio is located in Santa Clara, California.

Oh. My. Gosh.

You cannot possibly get ANY further away from Damariscotta Mills, Maine than that.

This is one well traveled Trunk Show. Coast to Coast in one day (hopefully).

So, props to you, Erin, for going above and beyond to get me that Trunk Show in a timely manner (I appreciate it sooo much!) and thank you Liesl for helping out, too and hopefully we can all meet up at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh this Spring and have a glass of wine together while we laugh about the whole thing.

In the meantime, those Trunk Show pix are on the way!

Thanks to all involved and we'll see you soon!




Meagan said...

Hello! I was in your shop today with a friend and we enjoyed the ymuuy fabrics as usual! I had to write and tell you that I love the new arrangement of the shop! I love the color groupings, it felt fresh, new and modern. As with the last time I visited, I overspent my budget on fabric that I simply had to have and I got a great pattern for a puppet show tunic for my daughter-can't wait to make it. I just thought I would say thank you, as a Maine native, having access to Amy Butler fabric has been a ray of light in my life! Happy New Year!

anne said...

1. thanks for responding to request for pattern (though i am mad slow and took forever to figure out SASE)
2. a reality show of a fabric store in maine would be SOOOOO much better then reality shows of sad "housewives" who aren't really housewives and what do they do anyway? i think you have one of the coolest jobs ever, very jealous.

Anonymous said...

we are amidst the revamping of our site and it's gonna be soooo tragically hip. your blog, by the way, is entertaining as usual. i'm coming in for some fabric overindulgence really soon... pinky swear. happy nude year.

Liesl Gibson said...

Rhea, drinks are on me in Pittsburgh. You, Erin and I will have lots to chat about. Cheers!