Monday, January 26, 2009

May I Have Your Attention, Please!!!

This is a call to all Gals crafty:

It is my pleasure to announce that

Friday, April 10th, 2009 at 6:00pm

Alewives Fabrics will be hosting it's first annual

Craft Swap!!!

What's a Craft Swap?

A Craft Swap is exactly like a Yankee Swap.

Except it's different.

In a Yankee Swap, you exchange Christmas presents.

In a Craft Swap, you exchange crafts.

And I'm not talking just any ol' thing that you've slapped together, either.

I'm talking about your BEST CHEESE.

And your Crafts for said Craft Swap needn't even be of the "fabric" variety.

Know how to knit?

I would KILL for a pair of gorgeous socks.

Is it possible that you paint?

I would trample my own Mother for a one of a kind work of art.

Is your beadwork blossoming?

I would wear lycra if it meant I could have a gorgeous bracelet.

No matter what your poison, this is a chance for you to show off your talent...

And go home with something fabulous and new.

Who doesn't like all things fabulous and new?

(I DO!!!)

So, get creative, Ladies!

Unleash your inner Martha...

Really think outside of the box and out-do yourselves!


Because we live in Maine and it's the middle of the Winter.

That's why!!!

Remember, the Craft Swap is FREE

But you need to call and sign up so that we know what we are dealing with.

We will be exchanging crafts IN PERSON

and we are exchanging FINISHED CRAFTS, (not craft supplies).

The most important rule about Craft Swap?

You DON'T tell ANYONE what you are making.

The second most important rule about Fight Club ... I mean Craft Swap?

You DON'T tell ANYONE what you are making.


And if you're still confused about just exactly what a Craft Swap is...

...and what exactly I mean when I say your BEST CHEESE...

Here are some links for you to follow:

Try here,

and definitely here.

And speaking of Cheese, we will be serving Wine and Cheese at the Craft Swap, so come feeling nibbly.

Any questions?

Just call me at the store or shoot me an e-mail!

Vroom, vroom, ladies!





kindred said...

count me in!!! i loooove this idea! you are one smart fabric diva. i'm doing crafty posts on the shop blog this week... wanna cross-pollinate and hop over to our blog for a day? if you've got a simple tute you'd like to share you can plug your blog or the swap.
and the slippers on the shop blog? i know, to die for. they were really super-simple and they used like, less than a quarter to make!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys will love it! Swaps really are the best thing ever.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Iris E. said...

Love it! I will postpone my RSVP at this point but I will be thinking over what I might have time for! It sounds excellent...
PS Love that photo!

Philigry said...

this is a great idea!