Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just So

Just so everybody knows that Reuben was not neglected over the Holidays (LIZ!!!), here are some pictures of his Floor Pillow (and new red collar, too!).

Just so nobody thinks I slaved for hours piecing those triangles, you should know that Reuben's pillow was made of a pre-pieced Moda fabric that we carry at the store.

Just so no one accuses me of being a total work-a-holic, I am sitting home all day today in my sweats and catching up on my blog-reading (and writing) and watching lots of good HGTV and wondering if 10:12 am is too early for lunch.

Just so you know, it is REALLY cold today. Channel 6 says that there is going to be a high of 7 degrees today, but with the wind chill it's going to feel like -20 degrees below, so don't go out there!!!

Just so you don't miss it, the Oliver+S trunk show and our sale on children's fabrics and Oliver+S patterns ends on Monday. We've got some great Heather Ross prints in there, as well as the most soft and luxurious baby-wale corduroy I have ever come across.

And that's all she wrote!!!

See you again soon,




Liz said...

Oh, Rhea, Reuben is lucky to have you for his mama! I hear it is absolutely frigid there so I won't tell you how chilly it is here - only 70 degrees which is unseasonably cold in the Keys! Sorry, I just had to tell.

Rhea, I didn't get my BOM yet. I can't wait! Are you going to write about it on postcardquilt? Huh? Huh? I thought of you all last Saturday and missed you!

Liz said...

Hi Rhea, sorry I don't have your email address so I'll trust you'll see this note: I got my BOM! Yay!! Thanks, Rhea.