Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lady Slippers and a matchy-matchy Mom

I have some gorgeous pictures from the past 2 days in Sprucehead...

Ollie noticed a couple of Lady Slipper Orchids on the side of the road and then as soon as we started looking we saw hundreds and hundreds more, including the super-duper rare and ever-elusive white Lady Slipper. I haven't seen a Lady Slipper for years and years. To see so many all in one place was a really nice treat... almost ghostly.

And then I came into work this morning where a class was in full swing, and Mom just happened to be dressed to match one of the student's quilts-in-progress.

Not unlike the ever-elusive white Lady Slipper, I persuaded her to sit for a photograph.

Have a great weekend and Welcome to all of you SouleMama readers!,



If by some chance you haven't read SouleMama yet, go check her out... I think there might just be some stuff on there of great interest to you! (Yes, YOU!)


jessica's ned said...

lady slippers are one of my favorite treasures. it's like a constant game of hide and seek. one of my 2nd graders made a precious drawing of a lady slipper this morning. it was underneath a rainbow.

Amy Bradstreet said...

We were lucky enough to see many beautiful Lady Slippers at the family homestead in Palermo during the Memorial Day weekend. They must still be in bloom if you are finding them around now. So lovely and magical. Thank you for sharing your images!