Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Blouse I love you sooo...

Hi and good morning,

It is a LOVELY day here in Maine.

After the Summer Sew-Along on Friday night I finished Summer Blouse #5 from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book. I love this blouse so much it is ridiculous.

The other ladies all finished their blouses as well, but they are much too shy to let me photograph them. Clearly I am not too shy to photograph myself in one of these little numbers but today I was feeling lazy so you got the ol' shirt-on-hanger treatment. Plus it needs to be washed already as I have been wearing it pretty much non-stop since Saturday morning.

I used an Amy Butler print from her Daisy Chain collection. Lately I have been pre-washing. Not because I think it is necessary (although most garment seamstresses would tell you that it is a cardinal sin too NOT wash your fabric before using it), but because I like the way it washes and the way it handles and smells after it has been washed. I truly enjoy the process more when I have washed the fabric. BUT, off the record, I have made plenty without washing first and never had a problem. That's my dirty little secret.

Anyhow, off to work. Tomorrow is my "Saturday" so I will be away and enjoying time off for the next couple of days. Ollie brought home a new-to-me bike the other day (a retro green Schwinn with the wide handle bars and the green and white seat, just like the one I had when I was a kid... I KNOW you know what I am talking about!) and right now it has no brakes but I have been riding it anyway. Dangerous? Yes.

I like to live on the edge.
I love that bike and cannot wait to get it fixed.

I will blog about it, you can bet your buttons.

Wherever you are, I hope the weather is as nice as it is here and that you are having a great June so far.

See you again soon!



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gardenmama said...

Lovely job, I love that fabric!!