Friday, August 21, 2009

Craft Swap Pix (Finally!)

Sorry these are a bit late but it's AUGUST y'all!

It was a great night with over 30 ladies bringing their finest...

I made a Denyse-Schmidt style quilt (of course!)
completely from scraps and it was the second craft to be unwrapped and it got passed around a LOT...

And at the end of the night, Rebecca T. went home with my quilt and I am glad she got it, because earlier that week she told me that I had the "best scraps in town."

I told her that was the sweetest thing anybody ever told me.

And I got Meredith's craft (again!), and I am sooo glad I did: she knit a beautiful shawl, packed it into a beautiful tote bag and threw in a beautiful knitting needle case.

That's a lot of beautiful!

I made out like a... 'ow do you say... bandit?

I don't have a picture because it was way to hot to sport the shawl, but let's just say I am ready for the Fall and can't wait to kick through the leaves with this shawl wrapped around me.

Thanks, Meredith and thanks EVERYBODY who came out!

(I'm sorry if I put your pic in here without your permission... I hope none of you are in witness relocation and I hope nobody sues me!!!)

If you want to join us, the next Craft Swap will be in December...

Don't miss it!




Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Your quilt was 100x cooler than it looks in your pictures! Thanks for the awesome craft swap. I can't wait until December. I need to start thinking about something to make now!

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your photo's of the craft swap and the most amazing talents from all your guests.

Baby Indie said...

A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars

kt said...

was that a bali bag that I saw?! if so... the designer of those (and all the fantastic other bali projects) is in my quilt guild!!

all of the projects look so beautiful. if I was in maine, I would totally join your swap. :)