Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beaucoup Buttercups and a Giveaway

Well, my hat is off to miss Iris who was so great at the Summer Sew Along.

We all have some gorgeous Buttercup Bags to show for it.

(Aaand, she made some super-delish cheddar & dill scones, the likes of which I have never tasted!)

I thought the Buttercup Bag was a great pattern: very well written directions and just the right amount of sewing for a summer's night.

In a couple of hours I turned this...

Into this!

I have the day off today and tomorrow...


I am (almost) all done with my project for the Craft Swap this Friday night.

I can't tell you what it is yet, but I AM very excited about it and I will take lots of pictures and tell you all about my project... later.

That means I have some free time for other sewing projects, like the Friendship Bag Swap.

This looks like so much fun... go check it out and I would love it if you signed up...

Maybe you will be partnered with me!

Alright, I will get to the part you are all waiting for... the Giveaway.

I find myself with an embarrassment of riches.

I told you about buying the same magazine twice, remember?

The magazine is one of my favorites: American Patchwork & Quilting, with some guh-reat patterns and ideas in there.

I loved it so much I bought it twice (whoops!).

I thought it might be nice to pass it along.

Well, I also have some fabric that was given to me recently.

I have said it before that when I (of all people) get free fabric it is not dissimilar to when celebrities get free clothes.

It's really not fair at all, but them's the breaks.

So I am spreading the wealth...

I have two caps of fabric, both from MODA.

A "cap" is what the sales people show us when a new fabric collection is introduced.

Each cap has quite a little bit of fabric on it, with samples from every design and colorway from the collection, so you know they are going to look nice together.

Our cutie-patootie MODA man Michael gave these ones to me.

(And he really is cute, too... he looks like George Clooney with perhaps a smattering of Mandy Patinkin)

They are from two different collections:

"Simplicity" by Three Sisters

and "Birdie" by Me & My Sister Designs.

What's up with the sisters-y names?

Must be the hot thang.


If you are still with me, the giveaway will be for the whole she-bang:

The magazine and the 2 collections of fabric samples (and that is a LOT of fabric, let me warn you!)

To be entered for the Giveaway, just leave me a nice little comment and I will have my own personal random number generator (Ollie) pick a number on Saturday night.

Alrighty, I am off to take a shower and then let the loafing/sewing-fest begin!

Have a nice couple of days, sign up for the giveaway, don't forget about the craft swap and good luck to everyone in all three of these endeavors!

See you again soon,




Anonymous said...

Just waiting to hear about the arrival of a new baby who is due today. Your little bag so inspired me, that I will be making one to take for the new mum with a little something in it.
Thank you and have a nice few days.

May said...

Hi Rhea,
You know how much I love a give-away. I love the challenge of the caps--having the pre-selected fabrics and making them work all together. Obviously, they don't all have to be used in the same project, but I would try to!

Hey, that would be a cool product--fat quarter grab bags! If you had them, I would buy them just for the fun of the surpise and for the infusion of fresh fabrics in my stash, which it may or may not have occurred to me to pick out myself.

Talk to you soon,

Jenny said...

oh, I can't imagine how delicious free fabric must be...especailly stuff as lovely as these. Thank you for sharing...
My mom works at Hallmark and Im always getting free cards, Id love to swap for free fabric someday!
Krousegirl2 at aol dot com

Carolyn said...

I love the birdies!!! How cute! And the retro cap is cute too, either would be a great thing to win but both would be amazingly fun. I too have bought the same magazine twice, I like your solution to the problem (I gave my extra to my mom)

Have a good few days off -

Anonymous said...

I love them both. It would be so nice to work with fabric that all works together without the work of picking it out. I have that magazine it is a great one. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! I love Moda fabrics and these look wonderful. Nadine

Wendy said...

Love the fabric, what a nice giveaway... and thinking of joining the bag swap!

mel said...

Oooh! I would LOVE a chance to win, especially the birdie fabric. I already have beautiful plans dancing my head for my little girl!!

You're awesome! Thanks for the chance!!

Iris E. said...

Hey so, I am jealous of your non-greenish tinged shots of the bags! Your shots are great and it sure was fun...

Loved my lesson with Rina! I had a sweaty and frustrating night of sewing last night. Ugh. I think I used up my mojo at the store! Anyways.

AND because I LOVE my son and his delightful friend Ella (recipient of those adorable bird flannel PJs) I spent last night (post machine-trauma) in the air conditioned bedroom, hand-sewing velcro onto their costumes. Um, can you say hateful, awful job? Yeah, cause it was sticky velcro...I kept repeating: It's because I love them SO MUCH.

Yes, please enter me in the giveaway! Hooray!

Kassia said...

Oooo pretty bags! The fabric sample packs are gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win these fabrics and the magazine, it's also one of my favorites.
blrohloff at aol dot com

Renee G said...

The bags are cute. And I would love the fabric and the magazine. Please enter me.

Sally W said...

I have pieces cut out for the buttercups bag and just haven't gotten to it, good to know it's easy peasy!!

Tammy said...

I just finished quilting the Amy and Anna quilt that I brought in to you last week, worried about my squares not being big enough! Yeah, you were right, they were fine. I love it!
Please enter me for the contest, I've seen the birdie fabric on the internet and love it! And the other would be great for making something for my daughter.
Thanks, Rhea, and have a great time off from work!

the momma said...

oh, I would just LOVE to win this!!

K said...

A chance for more fabric? Count me in, please. I'd love to check out the magazine, too. Thanks!

Liz said...

Hey Rhea Rhea - can't wait for the swap and btw, I never win anything but there's a first time for everything! (Tell Ollie my lucky number is 8!) Happy days off and i'll see you soon, bringing my little Anna in to buy beaucoup fabric for her back to school bag this week.

girlosun_9 said...

Ooohh, what a sweet giveaway!

zoesimm said...

hi Rhea...cool bags! I'm hoping to make it to a Friday night sew when the cool weather hits...sounds like you guys always have a blast

saC said...

oh they look so fun!!!!!!

jenifers said...

what a lovely giveaway. I can think of so many things to do with all that fabric!

Anonymous said...

i'm midst expecting twins (to make numbers 4 and 5) and madly sewing a hexagon quilt for my girls, for which the free fabric would be just ex!! Thanks for the chance, Bronwyn

Kate said...

oohhh I love reading your blog, I love the American quilting magazines they always seem so much nicer than the ones in the UK.
LOvely fabric to.
Take care

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

What a fun giveaway! I love that Buttercup Bag. I think I need to make one. I am very excited about the Craft Swap tonight! I still need to put some finishing touches on one of my things this afternoon though.

Anonymous said...

It's such a nice give away ! I would be so happy to discover a US quilting magazine. Thank you.
Sandra from France

Lynda said...

I have also made the Butterfly bag and I agree...very easy and sooo cute. I love both the caps fabrics....what fun to get free fabric. Several years ago (more like 35!) my mom got fabric samples from fabric stores and made what she called utility quilts. The fabrics weren't from a line, just random fabrics. That's why she called them utility.....fabrics didn't match but they still kept us warm.