Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Local Love

Hi and bye.

I will be gone on vacation to Vermont with Ollie for the next few days (we leave on Friday) and in the meantime I have been busying myself with making Denyse-y blocks and filling out our wedding registry and watching Project Runway.

I wanted to leave you with a list of the local places that I "heart."

Darling and Delisle
: Of COURSE. Chris and Bernie are a super-sweet, super talented husband and wife team and they are keeping the Midcoast presentable and chic. Love, love, LOVE this place.

Cabin Pottery
: Another husband and wife team. Andrea is a customer and friend of mine and her man Joe is a local character. Together they make amazing pottery. If you had told me that it was possible to make a Fish and Fly mug (normally Ollie's thing) that I would actually LIKE I would have said "Hush your mouth!" But, it's true. Check out their vessel sinks, too.

Susan Bartlett Rice Oil Paintings: Susan is one of my Mom's old art students. Again, if you had told me that there could be a painting of a Lobsterman or IceFisherman that I would actually LIKE... but I LOVE Susan's stuff.

Kindred Gifts
: Owned by my home-girl Liza and full of the nicest, handmade goodness. Like Etsy only in real life and better.

Long Winters Farm:
My friend Mandy makes the most amazing body products and has a super-successful Etsy shop. I highly recommend the Brown Sugar and Fig hand cream (which she custom blended for me one time) and the lip-gloss (which she made and specially labeled as goodies at our Denyse Schmidt workshop) but her real claim to fame is the Goat's Milk Soap. This girl has got it goin' on. How can you not love flavors like "Hippie Stink" and "Bloody Lumberjack?"

That's it for now.

I'm SURE there are more, but it's late and I'm tired.

Enjoy perusing and I will see you in September!!!



PS Sewing Lounge is ON for Friday night... Mom will be hosting so go easy on her. A Mojito, perhaps, is in order (Nadine????)


Beej said...

YAY! Have fun in Vermont! :-)

Ann said...

Have a good trip