Friday, March 12, 2010

Safe to Show

Hello and happy Friday night!

Now that Kay has received these, I thought I would show you what I sent her for the last round of Heather's Vintage Swap.

This time, everything had a self-imposed color-theme: GREEN!

(Plus I made a little "fortress of candy" around everything).

She had requested some PJ pants for her little girl, Nila (AKA the "Little Monster") in green and she got not one pair, but TWO, because sometimes you hear these tales about Pajama Pants getting lonely when they are sent abroad, and I just couldn't have that happen on my watch.

I used the Pajamas for Everyone pattern in the book Weekend Sewing, and I am happy to report there are NO mistakes in the instructions and they were a pleasure to make.

I have said this before about making PJ pants but I will say it again: they have a great "effort to final product ratio"... they are SOOO easy to make and look like a million bucks.

The worst part about PJ pants is just tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric!

Now that I've got Nila's PJ pants done, Kay: you're next!!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!




yarntherapist said...

Am I the only one waiting with baited breath to hear who won the Turning Twenty slot, or did I miss something? I am too excited about the class!

Rhea said...

Hi yarntherapist!

You didn't miss anything: I have contacted the winner but I am still waiting to hear back from her.

If I don't hear back soon, I will have to (randomly) choose another winner, but mega bonus points to you for asking!