Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shop Hop begins April 1st!

Hello all,

I wanted to remind all of my local readers that the annual Maine State Shop Hop begins in just a little over a week, on Thursday, April 1st.

A lot of people have asked me what the Shop Hop is, exactly.

Well, I went Hopping for the first time last year and it is really a lot of fun.

Let me tell you all about it:

The idea behind the Shop Hop is during the month of April you visit as many different independently owned quilt shops in the state as you can.

Maine is a pretty big state, so that is why you get a whole month.

At the first shop you visit, you will get a "passport" and the passport will be stamped at each shop you hop to.

Aaand you will get all kinds of freebies at each shop you visit: most places give out a little "goody bag" (kind of like the Oscars!!!), lots of shops give out chocolate, some places give out 20% off coupons (hint, hint) and you will be entered for doorprizes at the individual shops.

In addition to all of that goodness, doorprizes that are specific to the Maine State Shop Hop (like brand new sewing machines!) will be awarded to a couple of lucky shop hoppers and at each shop you will get free fabric!


Yes! You will get a free charm square of fabric at each shop you visit.

Last year, Jessica and I went on the Shop Hop together.

You can read about our adventures here.

It was a lot of fun.

We discovered new shops, found all kinds of great fabrics that we don't normally see, and half the fun was driving around together and stopping at places that had signs like "Famous for our giant whoopie pies!"

(You've GOT to stop at those places!)

Isn't that half the fun of quilting and sewing anyways?

The camaraderie (AND the food!)

I definitely plan to go again this year.

If you want to go, I would recommend setting aside a day with a few good friends and planning out the destinations you want to visit in one day: all of the shops in the midcoast area, for example!

All of the participating shops are open on Sundays (except for Easter sunday) and they will also be displaying a "challenge quilt" this year.

Each shop was given the same set of guidelines to follow and had to make a quilt following those rules.

Come see what we did!

So hop to your local quilt shop and get going on April 1st.



PS For more info on the Shop Hop, please visit the official website: www.mainestateshophop.com or visit their blog: www.maineshophop.blogspot.com.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rhea-rers!
I'm trying to psych my book club friends up for the Shop Hop and I sent them the link to your entry from today. I thought it was terrifically written and captured just how fun shop hopping can be!
Merci buckets!