Friday, April 16, 2010

"Olive"and S

No Liesl, that's not a typo...

I really do mean "Olive" and S.

I have had the good fortune this past year to have the most fabulous neighbors move into the house across the street from the shop, and since I live next door to the shop, they are my neighbors as well!

My neighbors are very young and very hip and very fun to spy on: they are always getting new rugs delivered or playing on the front lawn or walking their dogs.

They have a cutie patootie little baby girl named Olive, and Olive's very hip, very crafty mama (also known as my neighbor Francesca) has cottoned to the Tea Party Dress pattern by Oliver+S.

Here's a photo of Olive:

(See what I mean with the cutie patootie?)

Francesca came into the shop one day to buy the Tea Party Sundress pattern, then walked across the street to put Olive down for a nap and came back a couple of hours later with this finished dress made from fabric in her stash:

Didn't she do a GREAT job?

(It should be mentioned that Francesca is very new to sewing: her success with this pattern is such a testament to the great directions in the Oliver+S patterns!)

And then, just before Easter, Francesca cranked out another dress for Olive, made from this fabric:

Francesca kept it simple: just one fabric, no piping, and some cute little buttons.

She said the buttonholes were really not hard at all: you just need to make a couple "practice buttonholes" before you do the real thing.

I love how the striped fabric in this dress goes horizontally in the bodice and vertically in the skirt, showing off the design to its best advantage.

And I believe she only needed a yard of fabric, which would make this dress under $10.

Olive is almost 18 months old, but Francesca made a size 3T, I believe...

(Correct me if I am wrong, Francesca: it is 8 o'clock on a Friday night and the Sewing Lounge gals have made me Miami Vice drinks for my birthday so it is entirely possible that I may be remembering wrong!)

Great job, Francesca: not only are you an excellent neighbor, but you make cute clothes AND cute babies!!!




Natalie T. said...

Cute-cute dress! I just bought my first "Oliver+S, the little bubble frock, can't wait to get started. Love your blog and I wish I could live next door to your shop too... :)

Francesca said...

Thank you Rhea! You were right in the yardage...a little less than 1 yard. However, 2T was the size I used, although she will probably grow out of it soon. I think I will try the bubble frock's just too cute! xoxo

Francesca said...

Oh...and just to confirm...the pattern was super straight forward and very easy to follow! And...Miami Vice? Sounds good!

Rhea Butler said...

Awww, man!

I knew it was 2T!

And you would have LOVED the Miami Vices... right up your alley *wink*