Saturday, April 3, 2010


THE hot bag at Alewives right now is the Sweet Harmony Tote Bag by Amy Butler.

Dawn made one for the last Craft Swap and as much as I would like to think that my fabrics were the most coveted item at the Swap, they in fact were not: Dawn's Sweet Harmony Tote Bag was the most coveted item by far.

She even made a coordinating purse, all in this fabric by Amy Butler, but I believe the purse was of her own design... (she's crafty like that!)

Remind me to thank her for making one and bringing it to the Craft Swap with her, because directly after the Craft Swap a flurry of Sweet Harmony fury ensued...

First Nadine made one using this fabric...

(Nadine has very kindly lent this one to us and it is currently on display at the shop!)

Then Anne made one...

(In my favorite Nani Iro fabric, no less!)

And then Meredith, Julie and Janine each had to have one, too...

(Coordinating, but of course! Sadly, these fabrics are no longer available. So you know who to blame.)

If all this Sweet Harmony Tote Bag lusciousness has YOU drooling for your own version, you are in luck!

Nadine will be teaching a class on making the Sweet Harmony Tote Bag in May.

If you live far away and cannot attend the class, the general consensus about the Sweet-Harmony-Tote-Bag-making process is that there is a LOT of prep work for this bag: kind of like baking a souffle, perhaps.

There's a lot of cutting, too: interior fabrics, exterior fabrics, pockets and pocket linings, interfacings and the like... but once you get to the sewing part it is not hard at all and looks like a million bucks.

I just believe you should know what you are getting yourself into.

A hard bag to make?


A boat load of prep work?


If you want to take the Sweet Harmony Tote Bag class with the MASTER, then give us a call or an e-mail, or better yet, visit us in person, and we will set you up with your materials list and a pattern.

Let's keep the Midcoast in Sweet Harmony together!




Michaela said...

I'm so stinkin' impressed by the one made out of the poppy fabric. Did she line up EVERY seam??

Katie :o) said...

Very cute bag! I found you through quilting bloggers :o) I'll keep following :o) I'm looking for a few pattern testers for a bag on my blog. Check it out :o)