Thursday, April 15, 2010

Riddle me this...

What fun, exciting event has brought together Alewives Fabrics and the fabulous Purl Diva for the weekend of May 22nd-23rd???

What do they have planned for their loyal customers???

Here's a hint:

It will involve food, various fibers (yarn, fabric, and paper), gift items, other local businesses, special landmarks and discounts!

Are you intrigued?

We hope so!

Stay tuned for more details... but in the meantime, save one or both days of that weekend and all will be revealed!

(Mwa ha ha ha...)


Rhea (and Ellen)


Ellen said...

Damn! Your announcement is so much more entertaining than mine! (This doesn't count as an email, does it? I wouldn't want to break any promises....)

Ellen said...

I just showed Paul your blog post, and he said that 1) his father knew The Riddler, and 2) his friend was the Riddler's landscaper. Ha!

Rhea Butler said...

I'm glad I chose this guy for my Riddler picture then: somehow, the Jim Carrey pictures from Batman Forever just weren't the same!