Friday, October 8, 2010

City Weekend: we has it!

Late-breaking news!

It's a Moda-ful day: City Weekend has finally arrived!

We are unpacking and putting it up on the website as we speak, so please enjoy.

We ordered most of the quilting weight cottons and all of the knits... and the knits are sooooo soft.

They are just like Liesl promised: substantial yet soft and I've never seen anything like them.

I can't wait for Liesl's workshop to make something with them!

We also have jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm squares galore.

Stop in the shop and see them in person or check the website in the next couple of hours.


(Thanks, Liesl!)



PS... I am officially declaring it "Break Dancing Day" at the shop. If you stop in you can show us your best break-dancing moves because we have ALL KINDS of cardboard now.

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